Courses at Kramer Hall, Hammonton

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The program is offered at Kramer Hall as a hybrid where students will meet with faculty once a week at Kramer Hall in Hammonton.
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Spring 2019

Undergraduate Courses

GIS 4672-001: Pinelands Physical & Cultural Geography

We provide an overview of the environmental and human landscapes of the NJ Pinelands. We will study the basic geology, landforms, and natural history. The story of the inhabitants will be woven together in a geographic tapestry of interactions between nature and society. 

4.000 Credit hours 
4.000 Lecture hours

Graduate Courses

DSSA 5103-091: Data Visualization
Tuesdays, 6:00PM-9:00PM

DSSA 5104-091: Data Analysis
Tuesdays, 6:00PM-9:00PM

DSSA 5201-091: Machine Learning
Tuesdays, 6:00PM-9:00PM

CMDS 6460-091: Disorders of Special Populations
Mondays, 6:00PM-9:00PM

CMDS 5470-091: Speech Language Pathology in Schools
Thursdays, 6:00PM-8:50PM


Summer 2019

Undergraduate Courses

GEN 2252-191: Real Food

Tues/Thurs, May 13-June 24

This course will review issues related to real food versus processed food consumption along with the diet and disease connection. This course will review a variety of diet philosophies and controversial nutrition issues. It will provide students an opportunity to assess their own eating style and learn how to incorporate real food into their diet.

4.000 Credit hours 
4.000 Lecture hours



Graduate Courses

CMDS 5470-291: Speech Language Pathology in the School Setting
Tuesday & Thursday, 6:00PM-8:30PM HYBRID

CMDS 6420-191: Advanced Topics in Medical Speech Pathology
Tuesday, 6:00PM-8:00PM


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Kramer Hall hosts a variety of academic courses and is also a great space to host your next retreat, conference, workshop, meeting, or event!

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Kramer Hall is in the heart of downtown Hammonton and provides faculty the opportunity to have a profound educational experience with their students.
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