Stockton Institute for Lifelong Learning

SCOSA's Stockton Institute for Lifelong Learning (SILL) brings the best of Stockton's faculty to the community via short-courses (generally four 1-hour sessions) related to their teaching, scholarship, service, and interests. Space is limited, tuition is reasonable (free to Atlantic County residents who are 60 and older), and we hope to continually expand this programming that let you learn from and interact with Stockton’s accomplished faculty. For further information please contact or Assistant Director  or call 609-652-4311 and leave a message.

Current SILL Programs:

The tuition costs for all SILL courses is $45 for all four sessions (unless otherwise noted).

Free to residents 60 years old or older of Atlantic or Ocean Counties.                 

SILL: American History: The Holocaust 
Wednesdays 9/6- 27/2023   12:30-2pm 
Stockton at Manahawkin712 East Bay Ave 
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In the decades since WWII, humankind has pondered the unspeakable evil of mass atrocity crimes and specifically the Holocaust and attempted to provide explanations. Are there evil men amongst us who choose to unleash this type of violence just because they can? Does humankind, when it operates in groups, hate other groups so terribly that it chooses to disappear them from the face of the earth in ways that are so diabolical and contrary to normal civilized behavior as to constitute crimes against the whole of humanity? Are there particular sets of historical circumstances which, when they come together, compel, or at least explain atrocious human conduct? And finally, are all humans given the wrong set of circumstances capable of participating in, or at least condoning by their inactivity, this conduct?
The Japanese Shinrin-yoku: "Forest Bathing" for Unity and Harmony 
Fridays 9/15, 22, 29, & 10/6/2023  9:30-10:30am 
Stockton University, Galloway Campus, Meeting Place TBD
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The purpose of Shinrin-yoku or taking in the forest atmosphere, literally “forest” and “bath”, is to reflect and inspire the participants to walk in a natural environment and mindfully connect with the Pinelands. By opening the senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch, the participants will be able to ease the stress of life and refresh and recharge their weary minds. This is a 45-minute walk through the forest around Lake Fred and Pomona Road. Our walks are considered easy and leisurely. Please dress accordingly. Wear long-sleeved shirts, hats, long pants, and comfortable shoes. Meditative readings and themes will be introduced in each session. Dr. Guia Calicdan-Apostle is an associate professor of Social Work and was named 2021 Outstanding Social Worker of the Philippines in the field of International Social Work Education and Clinical Practice Setting by the Philippine Association of Social Workers (PASWI). Dr. Calicdan-Apostle, has taught at Stockton since 2011. She completed her bachelor's degree in social work at the Philippine School of Social Work, Philippine Women's University, master's degree in social work at Asian Social Institute, and doctorate in Social Work (Clinical Social Work) at School of Social Policy and Practice, University of Pennsylvania. 

SILL: American History: Korea and the Cold War 
Wednesdays10/4- 25/2023   12:30-2pm 
Stockton at Manahawkin712 E Bay Ave 
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 The Korean conflict (1950-53) ended in an armistice which continues to this day. Fought by armies as diverse as China, North Korea, South Korea, the United States, Britain, and many others, it set the template for multiple conflicts-large and small-which raged throughout the Cold War period. The conflict was fought in the hills and valleys of the Korean peninsula, but its lessons set the tone for confrontations in Africa, Central Europe, Vietnam, South America and western Europe. This course examines the relationship between the west and the communist nations of China, Russia and other communist movements as the world attempted to reorganize itself at the end of World War II. Why did it start, who were the major players, what did they want, and how has this conflict’s legacy influenced the contemporary world order?

SILL: New Jersey Women during World War II 
Tuesdays 10/3, 10, 17, & 24/2023   11am-12pm
Stockton at Hammonton, 30 Front Street 
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 During World War II, the need for the women to step into roles long closed off to them set off an unprecedented wave of participation. Women joined the defense industry, welding and riveting alongside men. They volunteered for the Red Cross, setting up field hospitals and aiding the injured. They joined the military in the women's branches of the Navy, Coast Guard, Army, and Marines and flew as civilian pilots working with the Army Air Forces.  This course will focus on the unique challenges New Jersey women faced as they navigated both the home front and abroad during WWII.   

 Dr. Patty Chappine is the Rudnick Fellow in Stockton’s Alliance Heritage Center and an adjunct professor, teaching courses in the Holocaust and Genocide Studies and historical studies programs. She earned a B.A. in Sociology and an M.A. in Holocaust and Genocide Studies from Stockton and M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in History and Culture from Drew University. Her research interests include Holocaust and genocide studies, women’s history, New Jersey history, particularly women during WWII, and digital humanities. 

SILL: New Jersey Women's Activism: From Suffrage to the Progressive Era 
Tuesdays 10/31, 11/7, 14, & 28/2023 11am-12pm (No programming during the week of Thanksgiving)  
Stockton at Hammonton, 30 Front Street 
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This course will detail the ways in which women's civic engagement in NJ ushered in new legislation and regulations that helped workers, curbed child labor, created safety regulations for factory work, gained compensation for occupational diseases, and much more. We will focus on the campaigns of the League of Women Voters and the Consumers League. 

 See Dr. Patty Chappine’s bio above under SILL: NJ Women.  






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