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Collaborating in Qualtrics

Using Qualtrics, you can collaborate on surveys with individual users in your organization. Collaboration allows multiple users to work on the same survey, rather than relaying changes through a single editor or viewer.


  1. In the project’s Survey tab, click Tools. Select Collaborate.

    A screenshot of qualtrics, displaying the tools menu and highlighting the Collaborate option.


  2. If a user is in the same organization as you, you can type their name or email into the Type Username or Email field. Once you've found the user you wish to collaborate with, select their name from the list and click Add Selected. 

    A screenshot of the qualtrics collaborate menu, showing the search bar and the Add button.


  3. Type a custom message and click OK when you’re done. This message will be presented in an email invitation the user receives, along with the standard invitation. If you’re fine with just a standard invitation being sent, leave the box blank.

    A screenshot of the collaborate invitation screen, showing the custom message dialog box and the Save button.


  4. Select the checkboxes for the permissions you want to grant each person you’ve added. 

    A screenshot of the qualtrics collaborate user list, with the detail menu expanded for View Reports column and a hand pointing to the Save button.


  5. Click Save to send the invitation.