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School of Education Tech Trek summer camp for middle school girls

School of Education at Tech Trek

Secondary education major teaching in Atlantic City, New Jersey

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School of Education Tech Trek summer camp for middle school girls

Tech Trek Camp

Stockton University's School of Education connects learners and educators to one another and to our communities.

Welcome to the Stockton University School of Education. Whether you are in high school or a current college student who is considering attending or transferring to Stockton or you are a current Stockton student or a graduate of another college, you will find a variety of programs that can be tailored to help you reach your goals.


Orientation and Registration support: 

We are excited to be able to assist you in registering for classes and added a helpful information on our Orientation and Registration page.

Interstate Reciprocity

Our Teacher Education programs are CAEP-accredited, New Jersey Department of Education-approved, and eligible for interstate reciprocity

School of Education Mission Statement

The Stockton University School of Education’s mission is to engage educators and leaders in undergraduate, graduate, and continuing professional education programs that offer challenging and meaningful learning experiences.  Our faculty and staff excel in collaboration, employ student-centered pedagogy, use relevant integrated research, embed educational technologies, embrace diversity, and establish reciprocal community partnerships.

Vision Statement

The Stockton University School of Education envisions developing and supporting a PreK- through- Doctoral community of collaborative change agents and practitioners who sustain productive, inclusive and optimistic environments.

Belief Statements

The School of Education faculty and staff believe in the following statements:

  • Acknowledging the changing demographics of our communities, our programs place diverse individuals at the center of our practice to create inclusive communities.  
  • Global awareness prepares us to become engaged world citizens who understand how our actions affect those around us, and strive for equity.
  • Culturally Responsive Teaching is important in all aspects of learning, offering culturally relevant experiences that support learning within the context of culture.
  • Stockton University’s Essential Learning Outcomes infuse our course work to ensure students are prepared with skills and knowledge required in the 21st century educational community.