Our Staff

Mr. Stephen Davis

Mr. Stephen Davis, Assistant Vice President, Inclusion and Wellness / Dean of Students  

Dr. Pedro Santana

Dr. Pedro Santana, Assistant Vice President, Division Administration and Strategic Initiatives 

Mr. Craig Stambaugh

Mr. Craig Stambaugh, Assistant Vice President, Engagement and Community Development

Dr. Walter Tarver

Dr. Walter Tarver, Assistant Vice President, Transitions and Retention

Dr. Haley Baum

Dr. Haley Baum, Assistant Dean of Students, Atlantic City

Ms. Laurie Griscom

Ms. Laurie Griscom, Assistant Dean of Students / Director of Event Services and Campus Center Operations

Ms. Laura Hughes

Ms. Laura Hughes, Professional Services Specialist   

Ms. Monica Viani

Ms. Monica Viani, Professional Services Specialist

Ms. Yubi Pena

Ms. Yubi Pena, Secretarial Asst 2