Food Assistance


The Stockton Food Assistance Program was launched in the Spring of 2015 as a collaborative effort between the Student Senate and Board or Trustees to help a growing number of students who reported experiencing varying levels of food insecurity. The Food Assistance Program supports Stockton students through access to its on-campus food pantries, dining vouchers, and other community resources. Stockton students who are currently enrolled at the University are eligible to participate in the Food Assistance Program. Upon completion of the enrollment form, students are able to visit both campus pantries. Although we are fortunate enough to not have limitations on the number of visits, the program works on a limited budget and must support all students. Therefore, we request that students take only what they personally need from the pantry. Thank you for your cooperation, ensuring the program's success!

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Food Pantry Hours of Operation


TRLC 105

Summer 2022 hours

Tuesdays and Thursdays



Residential Life Building

Summer 2022 hours

Mondays and Wednesdays



Additional Resources

As part of an ongoing effort to support our students, Stockton University is promoting food assistance programs. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is a federal program that can help individuals and families with low incomes buy the groceries they need. Eligibility depends on several factors like income, household size, resources, etc. 

Students may be eligible that have either a zero ($0) expected family contribution (EFC) from the FAFSA or if you were approved for the federal work-study program during the academic year. Click here to determine your eligibility and view instructions on how you can apply for SNAP.

For more assistance with SNAP eligibility and the application, please contact the Community Food Bank of New Jersey here. For the most up-to-date information on where you can use your SNAP benefits off-campus, please visit the SNAP locator map.



The food pantry is accepting donations of non-perishable items that have not reached an expiration date as well as personal care items. Click here to see items most needed. Also, check out our wishlist on Amazon.

To coordinate a donation or delivery, contact