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Stockton University is proud to share an annual compilation of Scholarly and Professional Activity inclusive of citations from both Faculty and Staff within the Stockton Community.

Activity Time Period Report Due Date
  • July 1 - Sept 30
  • October 6, 2023
  • Oct 1 - Dec 31
  • January 12, 2024
  • Jan 1 - March 31
  • April 5, 2024
  • April 1 - June 30
  • July 3, 2024
  • A reminder that citations are due will be sent to each school/department liaison prior to each quarterly due date. 
  • At that time, the liaison should begin to gather citations from all offices/centers within their area. It is recommended that all use the SAR power point, for easy to use instructions on formatting.
  • The liaison should check all submissions for adherence to the eligibility criteria as well as accuracy in formatting to the University's Chicago Manual Style. (Categories included within the publication are clearly defined, with the exception of some items which may be subject to clarification and determination of eligibility. This will take place on a case-by-case basis.) 
  • All activity meeting the citation eligibility guidelines criteria, should then be compiled into one school/divisional document and submitted to Ronnie Maiorino by the quarterly due date.

See below for a list of categories.

  • Whole Book
  • Edited Book
  • Chapter
  • Foreword
  • Article
  • Essay
  • Website
  • Review
  • Poem
  • Reports (to outside entity)
  • Memoir
  • Edited PWs
  • Media
  • Videos
  • Art Exhibitions
  • Documentaries
  • Radio, TV, etc.
  • Screening
  • Photos
  • Interviews

No Churches or internal Stockton events, i.e., Day of Scholarship

  • Lectures
  • Seminars
  • Papers
  • Session
  • Panelist
  • Keynote
  • Facilitator
  • Symposium
  • Workshop Host
  • Moderator
  • Reading
  • Panel
  • Commissions
  • Committee
  • Reviewer
  • Appointment
  • Consultant
  • Named Chair
  • Elected
  • Judge
  • Fellowships
  • Patents
  • Who's Who?

No Webinars

  • Conference
  • Workshop Attendance (Off Campus)
  • Citations are for INDIVIDUAL achievements, rather than office accomplishments.
  • Externally Sponsored Grant Awards are not included in this publication.  They will be published in a separate book at the end of the year.  The ORSP will provide that information from their database.
  • Accomplishments should be directly connected to Stockton University’s strategic themes.
  • Management Staff/Full Time, Part Time and Adjunct Faculty activity should be submitted to the school/division liaison in the correct citation format, using Chicago Manual Style.
  • Stockton in-house presentations/workshops are not eligible for entry in the book, unless the activity took place at an event hosted by an outside entity at a Stockton site.
  • External activities, for external events, should be reported when the participant had a role beyond attending or performing their daily activities.

Fiscal Year 23 Scholarly Activity Book: