Peer Observation Guidelines

Files must include required written, peer-evaluations of teaching, and may include additional peer-evaluations of teaching.

Required - All probationary faculty shall be observed in at least two classes annually by a tenured faculty member chosen by the faculty candidate in consultation with the Dean and the Review Advisor. At least once prior to tenure, all probationary faculty who are contractually obligated to teach General Studies courses shall be evaluated teaching one of his/her General Studies courses.

One Required plus Optional - Additional evaluations may be requested by a probationary faculty member. For purposes of tracking annual observations, in the case of faculty beginning service in September, “annually” refers to a sequence of fall term and spring term; for faculty beginning mid-year, “annually” refers to a sequence of spring term and fall term.

Optional - Tenured faculty seeking promotion or range adjustment may request peer observations of their teaching by any tenured Stockton faculty member.

Optional - While peer observations and evaluation of teaching are not required for visiting faculty hired under XIII-D or XIII-O, faculty in those positions who are hopeful of becoming tenure track faculty should consider asking peers to observe and evaluate their teaching using the above process, and may include such evaluations in their review files". 

Specific to COVID, as per the 9/3 MOA: Evaluation of Faculty and Librarians in the Time of COVID-19, faculty seeking tenure have some protection if Fall 2019-Spring 2020 peer observations were not completed.

The Center for Teaching and Learning Design is currently working on resources and training to assist peer observers who may be typically trained in face-to-face classroom observation to have appropriate knowledge and skills to observe in various modalities.  A peer observer does not need to attend a face-to-face class and may attend any class in any format or review an asynchronous, online course.  The CTLD website has some resources that may be used to self or peer assess an online course.  Click Peer Observation of Teaching to view these resources from the CTLD websiteA person needs to understand how to apply/use these resources and the CTLD will assist in that process.