CTLD Mission, Vision and Values

The Center for Teaching & Learning Design (CTLD) was created by Academic Affairs in September 2020 with expanded functions assigned to the Center for Learning Design.

Note: In this document the term faculty includes all faculty ranks and instructional staff

logo The mission of the Center for Teaching & Learning Design is to promote student success by fostering excellence in inclusive teaching, learning, scholarship, and faculty development.

The Center for Teaching & Learning Design supports Stockton's mission to develop engaged and effective citizens with a commitment to lifelong learning and the capacity to adapt to change in a multicultural, interdependent world.


The vision of the Center for Teaching & Learning Design is to inspire academic innovation, transformative learning experiences, faculty leadership, and overall excellence in teaching, learning, and scholarship to promote an engaged Stockton community.

Guiding Principle

Our top priority is meeting faculty needs. Faculty play a vital role in inclusive student success and the continued growth of Stockton University.


To fulfill our mission and vision, we uphold the values articulated below.

Improvement & Excellence

  • We promote evidence-based practices and student-centered strategies for teaching, learning, and design for exemplary Stockton educational
  • We explore and evaluate educational research to inform integration of effective technologies and strategies in high quality teaching and learning experiences.
  • We provide and promote excellence in faculty professional development, academic assessment, and scholarship activities with an emphasis on the scholarship of teaching & learning (SoTL).
  • We prioritize the use of resources to effectively serve faculty, colleagues, and students in a manner that promotes continuous improvement in student-centered and student-driven learning experiences.
  • We recognize and build upon the excellence and unique strengths of faculty in designing, delivering, and assessing Stockton student learning experiences.

Collaboration & Empowerment

  • We collaborate with other departments and colleagues while demonstrating respect for individual needs and capacities.
  • We provide nonjudgmental services to empower faculty and colleagues in a friendly, welcoming environment where strengths are appreciated and nurtured.
  • We offer professional development that empowers and build skills and capacity using efficient and convenient solutions to instructional challenges.
  • We offer services where individuals are safe, respected, and appreciated for seeking guidance. Individual services provided are confidential.

Transformation & Innovation

  • We support innovative and creative faculty practices that promote inclusive student success and growth as citizens in a changing world.
  • We recognize the value of digital resources in today's world and encourage incorporation of innovative digital technologies and resources in traditional, hybrid, online, and other creative learning delivery models.
  • We support faculty by offering evidence-based instruction to improve and advance innovative pedagogy.
  • We provide collaborative, transformative, impactful, and innovative professional development experiences, and opportunities to promote faculty leadership.
  • We recognize that changes occurring in higher education provide us with transformative opportunities and challenges that are capable of fostering innovation.

Equity & Integrity

  • We stand firm in promoting antiracism and social justice causes. We promote ideas and practices that support diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • We support inclusive and equitable services and opportunities.
  • We promote the development of student-centered and student-driven learning experiences that are accessible and meaningful based on the value of every individual as a unique human being.
  • We respect academic freedom, intellectual property, privacy, autonomy, and ethical practice.
  • We promote evidence-based inclusive educational practices and affirm the benefits of diversity at Stockton University.