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The Center for Teaching & Learning Design’s mission is to guide faculty and teaching staff in the design and delivery of effective learning experiences that promote inclusive student success.

The CTLD Instructional Technology Fund provides up to $500 reimbursement of faculty costs to support Stockton faculty and teaching staff who plan, implement, evaluate, and report student outcomes when using instructional technology tools such as polling tools (Poll Everywhere, Kahoot, Mentimeter), lecture capture (Loom, Voice Thread), discussion boards (Padlet, Flip) or other digital tool/resource used to promote student learning and engagement during an academic year. Requests for hardware (computer, web camera, tablet) are not eligible for reimbursement with this Fund.

Benefits of using instructional technology in courses are clearly established and include:

  • increasing student engagement
  • improving comprehension and retention of course content
  • enhancing collaboration
  • adding effective methods of feedback
  • addressing multiple learning styles 
  • preparing students for self-directed, future learning needs

The purpose of this fund is to increase faculty access and use of effective instructional technologies for the benefit of Stockton student learning and engagement (promote inclusive student success).


  • All Stockton faculty including adjuncts and instructional staff may apply for the CTLD Instructional Technology Fund.
  • For this round of applications, applicants must be scheduled to teach at least one course during this academic year that will utilize the requested instructional technology tool or digital resource.
  • Provided funds remain available, there are additional opportunities to apply as listed above.
  • Applicants are eligible for only one tool/resource when applying for the CTLD Instructional Technology Fund award per academic year.

Application Information

If application is approved:  

  • Faculty will purchase or obtain a one-year subscription for one tool/resource use upon receiving official notification of approval from the CTLD Instructional Technology Fund application.
  • Faculty will abide by instructions received regarding financial reimbursement for instructional tool/resource purchase.
  • Faculty will meet with CTLD staff to develop/refine an implementation and assessment plan for instructional technology use.
  • Faculty will work with CTLD staff to develop an appropriate resource to share implementation results with Stockton colleagues

Note: Applicants will not be reimbursed for purchases made prior to official notification of application approval. 

The Center for Teaching & Learning Design prioritizes awarding funds for applications that:

  1. Clearly explain how use of the requested instructional technology tool is expected to improve teaching and/or the student learning experience in a semester course.
  2. Provides empirical evidence (two article citations) indicating the impact of the requested instructional technology tool on student learning and/or teaching effectiveness.
  3. Demonstrates competency with use of the requested instructional technology tool or has a plan to effectively learn to use the tool.
  4. Requests an instructional technology tool that is less than $500 and is appropriate for use in a Stockton course.
  5. Align with fund expectations to meet with CTLD staff to develop/refine an assessment plan to measure the impact of tool/resource use within a semester course.
  6. Align with fund expectations to meet with CTLD staff to develop a resource that will provide faculty colleagues with information related to the requested instructional technology tool.

Applications are reviewed and funds awarded based on alignment with the expectations listed above. 

Project Examples

Examples of potential CTLD Instructional Technology Fund projects include: 

  • You are currently using the free version of Mentimeter to increase student engagement and knowledge retention but would like to increase the number of allowed poll questions. Increasing the number of questions requires the paid version which costs $108 per year. If your application is approved, you purchase the paid version and receive $108 reimbursement.
  • You are looking for a tool to improve the effectiveness of your online discussions and a colleague mentioned VoiceThread. There is no free version, so you apply to obtain the $99/year fee for VoiceThread. You are confident of your ability to learn to use the tool and incorporate it in your course(s).  Upon approval of your application, you purchase VoiceThread and are reimbursed for the cost.
  • You are using an open educational resource (OER) as the text in your class allowing you students to save money on the textbook. The OER has supplemental activities and quizzes that would increase student learning for $200/year paid by the instructor that permits up to 50 students to complete the supplemental activities and quizzes. If your application is approved, you would pay the annual fee and receive a $200 reimbursement.
  • You want to create a series of instructional tutorials for your students.  A video editing tool like Camtasia seems to meet all of your needs.  Upon approval of your application, you purchase the educational version of Camtasia for $299.99 and are reimbursed when following instructions provided with application approval email from the CTLD.

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Please contact the Center for Teaching & Learning Design (CTLD) at or at (609) 626-3828 if you have questions.