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Current Faculty Fellows

Guia Calicdan ApostleGuia Calicdan-Apostle, Diversity Fellow
School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

H254 | 609-626-3820

As a CTLD Diversity Fellow, I will:

  • Offer presentations on topics that include diversity, equity and inclusion. 
  • Offer peer-to-peer classroom observations, informal patchwork mentorship and strategic teaching methodologies to enhance classroom teaching and learning. 
  • Create a library of Decolonizing the Curriculum Pedagogy (DCP)-related resources, including articles, methodologies and links , etc.
  • Create and conduct  a DCP survey to assess the faculty and administration’s attitudes and perspectives towards decolonization and indigenization. 
  • Invite and organize speakers on Decolonizing the Curriculum Pedagogy and Indigenization. 
  • Collaborate with CTLD staff on other CTLD-related activities e.g., assessment, new faculty trainings. 

Rachel KirznerRachel Kirzner, CTLD Fellow (Technology & Pedagogy)
School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

H202J | 609-652-4689

As CTLD Faculty Fellow focusing on technology and pedagogy, I’m here to assist in enhancing your pedagogy using various websites and types of software. I’ll be providing services one on one, in small group trainings, and via posted videos and written materials. I can work with you to identify which technology is a good match for your teaching style, and strategize on ways to implement that technology in your classroom or online teaching. Examples of approaches include BlackBoard, Zoom features, Zotero, and sites/software such as Kahoot and Padlet. 

I’ll also be working to connect faculty who use technology in their scholarship and teaching. As a first step, I’ll be surveying faculty on what research and pedagogical software they are currently using. Then, I’ll facilitate the development of “software circles,” so faculty who wish to network around specific sites and approaches can support each other. 

Jed MorfitJed Morfit, Critical Thinking Fellow
School of Arts and Humanities

AS123 | 609-652-4637

As the CTLD Critical Thinking Fellow, I will:

  • Offer critical thinking focused reviews of syllabi, assignments, rubrics, etc.
  • Offer peer-to-peer classroom observations and coaching sessions (not intended for administrative use, or inclusion in file).
  • Create a library of critical thinking related resources, including sample syllabi, assignments, rubrics, etc.

I will also be creating a series of short videos on the foundations of critical thinking pedagogy, the same way it is taught at the Stockton Critical Thinking Summer Institute. These videos will be short and accessible at any time, which I'm hoping will make them more accessible than in-person or zoom sessions. The introductory video can be found here, or on the critical thinking Google Classroom site, which will also be the source for the critical thinking resource library, and which can be joined here (please join with your Stockton email). 

I'll continue to reach out as the semester proceeds and new resources or videos are added, but if you have any immediate questions, have resources you would like (or would like to share), or would like to schedule a coaching session, please let me know. 

Lauren SeylerLauren Seyler, Interprofessional Education Fellow
School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

USC113 | 609-626-6030


My goal as IPE faculty fellow for the 2021-2022 academic year is to create an online hub where Stockton faculty can post their current research projects and research abilities, explore the research capabilities of other faculty, and put out calls for collaborators on current or future projects. It will serve as a combination inventory, bulletin board, and classified advertising system for Stockton faculty and staff engaging in research- a virtual coffee house corkboard where researchers can build connections and plan new projects. This effort will not only benefit Stockton faculty and staff, but most importantly these connections will benefit our students by creating opportunities for student research projects that span multiple disciplines and programs.


Chris TartaroChris Tartaro, Research Fellow
School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

G252 | 609-626-6035

As the CTLD Research Fellow, I have three goals:

  • Hold sessions for faculty to discuss any type of research issue.
  • Encourage initiatives to divide dissertations into publications.
  • Work with FAWN to assist individuals involved in writing boot camps with research methods issues.

In addition to the scheduled sessions I am hosting, I would be happy to set up appointments with faculty to meet and talk about any aspect of research projects. I could just help to brainstorm, answer specific methodology questions, or even act as a coach for anyone who needs to have more structured support. Please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Brian TyrrellBrian Tyrrell, Online Teaching Fellow
School of Business

AC224i | 609-761-1266

As the CTLD Online Teaching Fellow, my goals are to:

  • Consult with faculty about effective online teaching.
  • Offer professional development session(s) and/or develop resource(s) related to online teaching for the CTLD/CTLD website.
  • Assist CTLD with development, facilitation/teaching, and assessment of the Online Teaching Certificate program. 

In addition to these activities, I am happy to set up appointments with faculty to meet and talk about any aspect of online teaching.

Aleksondra and Melissa

Aleksondra Hultquist, FAWN Fellow
School of General Studies

F124 | 609-652-4284

Melissa Zwick, FAWN Fellow
School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

USC119 | 609-652-4700

The Faculty Academic Writing Network (FAWN) supports faculty, staff, and adjuncts who wish to make academic writing and publishing a priority. It is a faculty-facilitated, participant-led service to help members create goals, stay motivated and receive feedback. We organize show up and write sessions, boot camp days, workshops, R&PD and tenure file support sessions, individual writing feedback appointments, writing groups, writing buddies, and guest speakers. For the full schedule of events and services, see our website: https://stockton.edu/fawn/

Please seek us out for your research, writing, and scholarship needs!

Past Faculty Fellows