Young Leaders Expo 2022

2022 Speakers

Picture of Amy Houck Elco

Keynote Speaker

Amy L. Houck Elco

Partner, Cooper Levenson

Amy Houck Elco is a partner in the firm’s Education Law Practice Group and is based primarily in the Atlantic City office. Amy serves as the lead attorney for numerous New Jersey school clients. In this role, she guides school board members and school officials through the many and varied aspects of education law that impact schools on a daily basis.

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Picture of Susan Adelizzi-Schmidt

Workshop:  Build Your Own Brand

Presented by Susan Adelizzi-Schmidt, MBA

Suasion Communications Group President and Stockton University School of Business Adjunct Professor

Have you ever “Googled” yourself? What you find is your brand! It is out there for anyone to see - your employers, co-workers and clients. This is why taking control of your online presence is important. Participants will learn to enhance their personal brand, identity, and voice, determine tools in the “branding toolbox”, search engine optimization tips, and tools for monitoring your brand. Join us for this workshop for a discussion on how to build a strong personal brand and how to monitor your online reputation.  


Picture of Bill Fritz

Workshop:  Mentors, Sponsors & Advocates

Presented by Bill Fritz

Director of Fine Dining, Caesars Entertainment

Learn about the importance of mentors, sponsors, and advocates as well as all the potential benefits and opportunities these professionals can help you develop professionally in your desired field. The workshop will highlight the importance of building relationships and having a network to support you as a young professional.

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