Tourism Management

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Tourism management is the oversight of all activities related to the tourism and hospitality and includes the enterprises, associations, and public authorities that market tourism services to potential travelers. Students explore a variety of destinations to learn geography business basics with a tourism covering, and cross cultural and social competence. Tourism is the business of hospitality and travel.

Why Tourism Management?

  • Tourism is a multifaceted service industry that has a rich history and exciting future marked by many challenging opportunities.
  • Tourism will support almost 350 million jobs world-wide by 2025.
  • Tourism in an important part of many countries, state, cities, regions, and communities.
  • Tourism has global importance and brings economic value to the world. 
  • Spending by international visitors to the US produced $256 billion in export income for the US economy in 2018.
  • Travel is America’s second-largest industry export and a key job creator. From riding on trains, to eating in restaurants, staying in hotels, and purchasing products, international visitors to this country are constantly buying goods and services that are made in the United States. In other words, the U.S. is “exporting” these goods and services.
  • Domestic travelers alone spent $933 billion (a 5.8% increase from 2017), and international travelers spent $156 billion3 in the U.S., up 0.3 percent from 2017.
  • HTMS 3129 - Destination Management
  • HTMS 2143 - Contemporary International Tourism
  • HTMS 3125 - Advanced Food & Beverage Management
  • HTMS 3128 - Spa Management in Hospitality
  • HTMS 3132 - Study Tour
  • HTMS 3135 - Fundamentals of Wine
  • HTMS 3140 - Hospitality Entrepreneurs & Leadership
  • HTMS 3225 - Intro to Casino Management
  • HTMS 3226 - Hotel Management Simulation
  • HTMS 3227 - Continuous Service Improvement
  • HTMS 3228 - Event Sales & Marketing
  • HTMS 4110 - Hospitality & Tourism Research

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