Event Management

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Learn the art and science of event management...


Students develop a broad skill set in preparation to successfully manage small to large-scale events from inception to implementation, including fairs, festivals, entertainment and sporting events, meetings and trade shows. Students learn all aspects of event management, including design, sales and marketing, finance, and logistics. In addition, the curriculum incorporates the newest, relevant technology and emerging trends in the industry.

Why Event Management?

  • The party and events market size in the US is $3.2 billion worth. (IBISWorld)
  • The planning and meetings industry supports 2.5 million jobs; the industry supports $95.6 billion in salaries. This is higher than the GDP of 147 countries. (Convene)
  • Business events contribute $1.5 trillion to the global GDP. Business events support a total of $2.5 trillion of business sales and 26 million jobs (Events Industry Council)
  • Job growth for event planners is 4% higher than the average for other occupations in the US; this profession will grow at an 11% rate between 2016 and 2026. (Convene)
  • The median annual salary for meeting and event planners was $51,560 in 2020 with the top 10% earning $88,360. (BLS)
  • 89% of event organizers love their profession! (Oxford Economics and Events Industry Council)
  • HTMS 3229- Event Design
  • HTMS 3230- Event Experience
  • HTMS 3128- Esports Industry & Events
  • HTMS 3112 - Catering Management
  • HTMS 3228 - Event Sales and Marketing
  • HTMS 2143 Contemporary International Tourism
  • HTMS 3112 Catering Management
  • HTMS 3125 Chef Techniques for Managers
  • HTMS 3128 Spa Mgmt in Hospitality
  • HTMS 3129 Destination Management
  • HTMS 3132 Study Tour
  • HTMS 3135 Fundamentals of Wine
  • HTMS 3136 Wellness Tourism
  • HTMS 3140 Hosp., Entrepreneurs & Leadership
  • HTMS 3225 Intro to Casino Management
  • HTMS 3226 Hotel Mgmt Simulation
  • HTMS 3227 Continuous Service Improvement
  • HTMS 3228 Event Sales and Marketing
  • HTMS 3229 Event Design
  • HTMS 3230   Event Experience
  • HTMS 4110 Hosp. & Tourism Research
  • HTMS 3128 Esports Industry & Events

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  • EDC Young Professional is designed is an international certificate program for Universities, delivered by Stockton CED (Certified Event Designer) faculty based on and continuously improved by methodology and content from #EventCanvas. The #EventCanvas is a strategic management template for developing new or documenting existing events and conference models. Students receive an international Event Design Certificate after completing a course and publication of an approved case study event design. 
  • What it means for qualified EDC YP practitioners
      • Competitive advantage and employability in leading organizations
    • Connect to a community of EDC certified Event Leaders; >350 trained #EventCanvas practitioners; 2000 user across 58 countries



Event Design Certificate Logo

  • The Event Design Certificate Program is an immersive three-day training course that will innovate the industry by teaching a systematic 10-step visual approach to event design for meeting professionals. Program participants will learn critical skills that will enable them to design events based on stakeholder needs and then prototype event designs using the #EventCanvas, a strategic management template for developing new or documenting existing events and conference models.
  • Who should participate?
    • This program is for change-makers, such as program managers, event managers and marketing professionals who want a hands-on approach to understanding, designing and delivering events that matter by using the #EventCanvas, which is a strategic management template for developing new or documenting existing events and conference models. This program: 
      • offers insight in how events create value
      • trains event professionals how to design events
      • facilitates the strategic discussion about events
      • is a tool for strategic management
  • During this program you will:
    • Gain knowledge about theories which are
    • Fundamental to Design Thinking in Event Design
    • Learn how to have strategic conversations with event owners
    • Equip you with the ability to lead the innovation process.
    • Discover a practical and visual language of event design
    • Learn how to get your team on the same page
    • Learn how to apply this with your team
    • Get deep insight into how events create value


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