Emeritus or Emerita status is conveyed by action of the Board of Trustees to selected retiring faculty at the rank of Associate Professor or above, tenured with at least 10 years of service, who are in good standing with the University at the time of their retirement.

Dr. Carr shaking hands with Dr. Kesselman

Emeriti standing

Mady and Emeriti


  • Dr. Deborah Figart, Distinguished Professor of Economics
  • Dr. Diane Holtzman, Associate Professor of Business Studies, Marketing
  • Dr. Ellen Mutari, Professor of Economics 
  • Dr. Sipra Pal, Associate Professor of Physics
  • Dr. Lisa Rosner, Distinguished Professor of History
  • Dr. Joseph Rubenstein, Professor of Anthropology
  • Dr. Margaret Slusser, Associate Professor of Health Science


  • Dr. Diane Falk, Professor of Social Work
  • Dr. Marion Hussong, Professor of Literature and Holocaust & Genocide Studies
  • Dr. Stephen Kubricki, Associate Professor of Computer Science and Information Systems
  • Dr. Mark Mallett, Professor of Theatre Arts      
  • Dr. Victoria Schindler, Professor of Occupational Therapy 



  • Dr. Michael Frank, Professor of Psychology
  • Dr. Michael Olan, Professor of Computer Science and Information Systems
  • Dr. Brian Rogerson, Associate Professor of Biochemistry
  • Dr. Rupendra Simlot, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice
  • Dr. George Zimmermann, Professor of Environmental Studies


  • Dr. Jill Gerhardt, Associate Professor of Computer Science and Information Systems
  • Ms. Pamela Hendrick, Professor of Theatre Arts
  • Dr. Cheryl Kaus, Dean of Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Dr. Georgeann "GT" Lenard, Associate Professor of Writing and First Year Studies
  • Dr. Larry E. Nutt, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice
  • Dr. Louise Sowers, Associate Professor of Chemistry


  • Dr. David Carr, Professor of Political Science and Director of Research and Policy Analysis, William J. Hughes Center for Public Policy
  • Dr. Jamie Cromartie, Associate Professor of Environmental Studies
  • Dr. Sonia Gonsalves, Professor of Psychology and Director of Academic Assessment
  • Dr. Bess Kathrins, Professor of Physical Therapy
  • Dr. Melaku Lakew, Professor of Economics
  • Dr. Joseph Marchetti, Professor of Education
  • Dr. Franklin Smith, Professor of Sociology
  • Dr. Karen Stewart, Professor of Business Studies, Marketing
  • Mr. Henry van Kuiken, Professor of Dance
  • Ms. Marilyn Vito, Associate Professor of Business Studies, Accounting
  • Dr. Cliff Whithem, Professor of Hospitality and Tourism Management Studies


  • Dr. Elaine Bukowski, Professor Emerita, Physical Therapy
  • Dr. Michael Hozik, Professor Emeritus, Geology
  • Dr. Evonne Kruger, Professor Emerita, Business Studies
  • Dr. Frank Thomas, Professor Emeritus, Business Studies


  • Dr. Linda Aaronson, Professor Emerita, Nursing
  • Dr. Alan Arcuri, Professor Emeritus, Political Science
  • Dr. Rogers Barlatt, Professor Emeritus, Chemistry
  • Dr. Shelby Broughton, Professor Emeritus, Chemistry
  • Dr. Jack Connor, Professor Emeritus, Writing
  • Mr. Al Corpus, Professor Emeritus, Arts
  • Mr. William Daly, Professor Emeritus, Political Science
  • Dr. Nancy Davis, Professor Emerita, Pathology
  • Dr. Penelope Dugan, Professor Emerita, Writing
  • Dr. Richard Hager, Professor Emeritus, Marine Science
  • Ms. Elaine D. Ingulli, Professor Emerita, Business Studies, Law
  • Dr. Lucinda Jassel, Professor Emerita, Political Science
  • Mr. William Jaynes, Professor Emeritus, Social Work & African American Study
  • Dr. Elinor Lerner, Professor Emerita, Sociology
  • Dr. David Lester, Professor Emeritus, Psychology
  • Dr. Saralyn Mathis, Professor Emerita, Computer Science & Information Systems
  • Dr. Lance Olsen, Professor Emeritus, Music
  • Dr. Whiton Paine, Professor Emeritus, Business Studies, Marketing
  • Dr. Carol Rittner, Professor Emerita, Holocaust & Genocide Studies
  • Dr. Ralph Werner, Professor Emeritus, Biology


  • Dr. Richard Berry, Professor Emeritus, Speech Pathology/Audiology
  • Dr. Linda Nelson, Professor of Anthropology and Africana Studies


  • Dean Jan Colijn, Dean Emeritus, General Studies
  • Dr. Michael D. Geller, Professor Emeritus, Environmental Studies
  • Dr. Robert Helsabeck, Professor Emeritus, Social and Behavioral Science
  • Dr. Robert King, Professor Emeritus, Business Law
  • Dr. Marcia Sachs Littell, Professor Emerita, Holocaust and Genocide Studies
  • Ms. Mary Ann Trail, Professor Emerita, Library


  • Dr. Stewart Farrell, Professor Emeritus, Marine Science
  • Dr. Raymond Mueller, Professor Emeritus, Environmental Studies
  • Dr. Roger Wood, Professor Emeritus, Biology 


  • Dr. Cheryle J. Eisele, Professor Emerita, Nursing
  • Dr. Claude Epstein, Professor Emeritus, Environmental Studies
  • Dr. Douglas Lessie, Professor Emeritus, Physics
  • Dr. Lynn Stiles, Professor Emeritus, Physics


  • Mr. Gregory Fink, Professor Emeritus, Accounting
  • Dr. Jonathan Griffiths, Professor Emeritus, Chemistry
  • Dr. Kenneth Tompkins,Professor Emeritus, Literature 

2009 - n/a


  • Dr. Murray Kirch, Professor Emeritus, Computer Science and Mathematics
  • Dr. Edward Paul, Professor Emeritus, Chemistry


  • Dr. David Ahlsted, Professor Emeritus, Art 
  • Dr. Rudolf G. Arndt, Professor Emeritus, Marine Science
  • Dr. Rosalind L. Herlands, Professor Emerita, Biology
  • Dr. Franklin H. Littell, Professor Emeritus, Holocaust and Genocide Studies
  • Dr. Fred C. Mench, Professor Emeritus, Classics
  • Dr. William Miley, Professor Emeritus, Psychology
  • Dr. Donald Plank, Professor Emeritus, Mathematics


  • Dr. Ralph J. Bean, Professor Emeritus, Mathematics
  • Dr. Joanne D. Birdwhistell, Professor Emerita, Philosophy and Asian Civilization
  • Mr. Bruce DeLussa, Professor Emeritus, Public Health
  • Dr. Charles W. Herlands, Professor Emeritus, Mathematics
  • Dr. Jean Mercer, Professor Emerita, Psychology
  • Dr. Jeanne-Andree Nelson, Professor Emerita, French
  • Dr. Jacqueline Pope, Professor Emerita, Political Science
  • Dr. Charles Yeager, Professor Emeritus, General Studies

2005 - n/a

2004 - n/a


  • Dr. Miriam Schwartz, Professor Emerita, Writing
  • Dr. Sandra Bierbrauer, Professor Emerita, Genetics
  • Dr. Richard Colby, Professor Emeritus, Cell Biology
  • Dr. Norma Grasso, Professor Emerita, Spanish
  • Dr. Vera King Farris, President Emerita, The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey President
  • Dr. Charles Tantilllo, Professor Emeritus, Political Science


  • Dr. Charles Tantillo, Professor Emeritus, Political Science, Distinguished Service Award
  • Dr. Stephen Dunn, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Creative Writing

2001 - n/a


  • Dr. John Searight, Professor Emeritus, Social Work


  • Dr. Allen Lacy, Professor Emeritus, Philosophy & Religion
  • Dr. Gordon Sensiba, Professor Emeritus, Political Science
  • Dr. John Sinton, Professor Emeritus, Environmental Studies
  • Dr. Alan Steinberg, Professor Emeritus, Physiology 
  • Dr. Joseph Walsh, Professor Emeritus, Philosophy & Religion

1998 - n/a

1997 - n/a

1996 - n/a

1995 - n/a


  • Dr. Sherman Labovitz, Grand Emeritus Status 

1993 - n/a

1992 - n/a

1991 - n/a

1990 - n/a