Dance at Stockton FAQs

Here are many of the questions frequently asked by incoming students. Please take a look through these to answer your questions.  If you still have questions, our contact information is at the bottom of the page.

Yes. To take a dance technique course beyond the beginning level, all admitted students to Stockton University, whether a dance major or not, need to audition. Students wishing to major in dance must complete core requirements and then select from the technical and theoretical courses offered to complete their course of study. To register for a placement audition please see the audition tab.

This information can be found under the Audition tab on the dance homepage or by clicking this link.

Students will be notified of their placement via email 2-3 weeks after their scheduled audition.  Correspondence will be sent to the email address on file, which the registrant provided when he/she registered for the audition.

Yes, there are three main dance shows each year and students have the chance to audition for and perform in choreography by faculty, guests and their fellow students.  There are also other opportunities to perform and present work.

No, you don't have to be a dance major or minor to perform. As long as you are enrolled in a dance technique class during the semester you are performing in, you can audition.

Dance classes range anywhere from about 12 to 25 students for technique classes and between 14 and 35 for theory and other academic courses.

Ballet, modern, jazz, tap, and improvisation. Ballet and modern dance are offered every semester and tap and jazz alternate years. Dance improvisation is offered every fall.

Dance History, Dance Pedagogy and Wellness, Anatomy, Kinesiology, Dance Composition, Music, Costume Design. Other course are required in relationship to your chosen dance concentration, such as Management, Marketing, Business Law, Accounting and so on. Beyond these courses, students take courses to support their liberal arts degree with distribution requirements across the university.

In ballet and modern techniques there are five levels, ranging from beginning to level IV. There are two levels of improvisation, tap and jazz.

There are are currently about 70 majors and minors within the program.  The level of involvement depends upon the student and the concentration each student is pursuing.

There are around 40 declared dance majors.  Dance majors choose amongst a variety of concentrations, depending upon their skills and interests.

Absolutely. Many students major or minor in dance along with another field such as biology, health sciences, criminal justice, theatre, psychology, and communications, etc.

At a dance conservatory, dance is the primary focus while academia tends to be pushed into the background. At Stockton University, our dance students not only study dance in an intense environment at a challenging pace, but they also receive a well-rounded liberal arts education. The possibilities for a career with a B.A., which Stockton offers, as opposed to a B.F.A. (conservatory) are much broader upon graduation.

Students can double major in dance and something else, take a minor in another field of study, or simply major in something other than dance while still actively participating in dance classes and performances. Many of our dancers are double majors involved in performances and choreography while still maintaining academic excellence every semester. Students also have the option to take courses in choreography, dance history, dance pedagogy, anatomy and kinesiology. 

Stockton dancers appreciate the endless possibilities readily available to them as they further their education, not only in dance, but interdisciplinarily as well.

For specific details please see the page for Dance Curriculum.

Concentrations in Dance:
Dance Performance
Studio Operations
Pre-Physical Therapy
Pre-Movement Science
Theatre Dance
Arts Administration

*Please note: Students must be able to successfully progress through the levels of ballet and modern technique to be able to pursue a degree in dance.

**For the Pre-Movement Sciences, students are actively engaging in dance while taking required courses to apply to graduate school in their field of study.  Acceptance into a concentration such as Pre-Physical Therapy does not guarantee acceptance into graduate school.  That is dependent upon the individual students academic record and applications to graduate school.

Yes! We have many famous professional working artists visit throughout the academic year to present master classes and set choreographic works on our students.  We also have a dance company in residence for two weeks every fall. 

For details, please go to the Dance Guests Page

Yes, many well-renowned companies have performed at the Stockton Performing Arts Center, where students receive a discounted rate.  Companies such as Martha Graham II Dance Company, Alvin Ailey II, Jose Limón Dance Company, Lehrer Dance, PhilaDanco, Gallim Dance, Paul Taylor 2, and Rioult Dance NY, among others have performed.
You can email with your questions, or you can phone the Arts and Humanities Office at (609) 652-4505.