Dance at Stockton - Dance Curriculum

Dance at Stockton University

Students who major in dance at Stockton University select a concentration in Performance, Studio Operations, Pre-Physical Therapy, or Pre-Movement Sciences.  Students can also elect to minor in dance while pursuing a different major.  The program gives students a comprehensive education in dance and the liberal arts. Students take ballet, modern, jazz, tap, composition, improvisation, as well as other dance forms.  Course work includes theory courses in dance, cognates related to their area of study, and courses outside of their discipline.

Students may perform in faculty and guest works, as well as develop and perform their own work.  Stockton has three dance performances each year, including two productions in the Performing Arts Center. All majors and minors are encouraged to participate in the performance opportunities.


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Concentrations in Dance

Dancers in Performance

Dance: Performance

Students who choose to pursue a concentration in Dance Performance focus on courses that will improve their technique, artistry, and performance.  

Dance courses include dance technique in ballet, modern, improvisation, tap, jazz, as well as additional courses to develop performance skills and awareness of the field, including acting, dance composition, dance history, and pedagogy.  Beyond the dance courses, students take courses to support their liberal arts degree with distribution requirements across the university.

dancers in dance class

Dance: Studio Operations

Students who choose to pursue a concentration in Dance Studio Operations focus both on courses that will improve their technique and artistry, as well as courses that develop business and teaching skills.  This concentration is specifically geared towards students who want to teach and/or run their own dance studios.

Courses include ballet, modern, improvisation, tap, jazz, dance composition, dance history, pedagogy, business law, accounting, general studies courses, and at some distance courses. 

Dancers Practicing Physical Therapy

Dance: Pre-Physical Therapy

The Pre-Physical Therapy Concentration is for the student who is interested in both dance and physical therapy.  Students study dance while also taking science courses required for applying for admission to various physical therapy programs. Course work includes dance technique and performance as well as biology, chemistry, and physics, and distribution requirements across the university.

*Please note, pursuing this degree is not a guarantee of admission into any graduate program for Physical Therapy. The student must fulfill all pre-requisites for graduate admission to the school(s) of their choice at or above a level considered acceptable by the graduate institution. The student must apply for and be admitted to a graduate program in Physical Therapy to become a Physical Therapist. It is the student’s responsibility to make sure that they fulfill the necessary requirements to apply for a graduate degree of their choice.

Dancers Performing

Dance: Pre-Movement Science

The Pre-Movement Science concentration allows students to study both dance and psychology, exploring how these two fields connect.  For students interested in pursuing a graduate program in Movement Therapy, this concentration prepares them for applying to graduate school. 

Beyond the dance and psychology courses, students take courses to support their liberal arts degree with distribution requirements across the university.  Courses include ballet, modern, improvisation, dance composition, dance history, pedagogy, numerous psychology courses, General Studies, and At Some Distance.

Dancers in Performance

Dance Minor 

Students who pursue a minor in dance take courses in dance technique as well as Dance History, Kinesiology, and Pedagogy. Students in the minor are required to take 22 credits in dance, but are welcome to take more.  

Beyond the basic required courses, the minor is  designed to support the interests of the individual student, whether that is performance, theory, administration, or production.

**Please note: Students must be able to successfully progress through the levels of ballet and modern technique to be able to pursue a degree in dance.