Leave of Absence

Students who wish to interrupt their education for one or more terms must apply for a leave of absence through the Office of Student Records and Registration. Students who leave the university without obtaining an official leave of absence, for more than one normal academic term, must go through the readmission process if they decide to return. A leave of absence permits a student to reenter Stockton at the end of the specified period without going through the readmission process. The form can be accessed on the Student Records website.

A Leave of Absence is valid for one year and is renewable yearly, for up to five years, by notifying the Office of Student Records and Registration in writing before the leave expires.

Please note that while you are on an official leave of absence any courses that are taken an another institution need to be approved by Stockton if you intend to transfer the credits back to Stockton University.

Complete and submit a "Permission to Take Courses at Another Institution Request Form" to the Office of Student Records and Registration, Campus Center 203. Registration for courses occurs each term prior to the opening of classes. Matriculated students register on a priority basis.