Mission Statement


The Center for Academic Advising at Stockton University aspires to have an advising program that helps students attain for themselves an education to serve them for a lifetime.

Mission of The Center for Academic Advising

The mission of the Center for Academic Advising is first to assist students in achieving their own educational, personal, and career goals; second, to support faculty in their advising efforts; and third, to provide administrative services to faculty, staff, and students in support of advising at Stockton.

Credo: The Center for Academic advising believes that academic advising is an intentional and collaborative partnership between advisors and students. The focus of this partnership is to help students create and realize their long-term educational, professional, and personal goals and develop critical skills which will assist in a lifetime of learning.

Our Values: We subscribe to the National Academic Advising Association's Concept of Advising statement: thus we consider advising a form of teaching with a pedagogy, a curriculum, and learning outcomes.

We also endorse the NACADA Core Standards, which discuss the obligations and responsibilities of advisors.


The Center for Academic Advising has three major areas of responsibilities.
We are responsible to students in that we:

  • Communicate effectively and honestly with any student seeking academic advice
  • Refer students to other college offices as necessary
  • Maintain a roster of advisees, many of whom are undecided as to major
  • Meet with all students on probation (below 2.00 GPA) once each semester to develop an academic success plan
  • Assist in the registration process at orientation and pre-registration
  • Provide students with accurate information regarding Stockton policies and procedures
  • Answer student questions via email and phone calls
  • Create and maintain a website of advising resources for all students
  • Visit with potential transfer students as a way to assist in the admissions process

We are responsible to faculty in that we:

  • Provide updates and training for all faculty
  • Mentor faculty, especially new faculty, through the advising process
  • Create and maintain a website of advising resources for all faculty
  • Answer faculty questions on policies and procedures
  • Administer a yearly student evaluation of preceptors
  • Work with the Stockton Advising Council to enhance advising at Stockton
  • Present Brown Bag Advising Colloquia in the spring and fall semesters
  • Assist innomination process of the Provost's Research and Professional Development Award

We are responsible for providing administrative and advising support services in that we:

  • Oversee the entire advising process at Stockton
  • Maintain student curriculum data (declarations and changes of major)
  • Create and keep current the CAPP online degree audit system for all undergraduate majors and minors
  • Make CAPP adjustments to student curricula as necessary
  • Create and maintain curriculum worksheets for all undergraduate majors and minors
  • Assist in the graduation check-out process in Banner
  • Oversee transfer credit articulation process, including maintenance of equivalency grid
  • Administer Accuplacer math exams to current and incoming students on a need basis
  • Prepare the transfer work of each new transfer student who enters the college