Some of the forms have been made available as fillable PDF documents. We recommend using the Google Chrome browser when entering information into a fillable PDF.

To save a fillable PDF with your entered information, use the save "with your changes" option as shown here.

Academic Overload

Undergraduate students may take up to 21 credits each term. Coursework in excess of 21 credits per term is considered an academic overload.  Read the academic overload policy.

Audit Course

Allows a student/member of the public to take a course for no academic credit.  Normal tuition and fees apply.  Form must be submitted prior to the drop/add date for the term (see the academic calendar)

Course Description

To obtain course descriptions for courses not listed in the Course Catalog.

Enrollment or Degree Verification

The National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) is Stockton's on-line provider of official certification reports for enrollment and/or degree verification.  Use this service to provide verification of enrollment or graduation to lenders, insurance companies, employers and others.  NOTE:  All verifications from NSC are official and do not require further institutional signature or seal.

Leave of Absence/Official Withdrawal from University

The deadline to file a LEAVE OF ABSENCE is the last day of the Drop/Add period. Please visit the Academic Calendar for dates. 

Instructions to withdraw from courses can be found on the Course Registration page. 

Pass/No Credit

Pass/No Credit grading option contract.

Permanent Address Change (Students only)

If you are a Stockton employee, please contact HR to change your address.

To change a permanent address submit the Permanent Address Change form.  Mailing addresses can be changed on-line by the student through GoStockton on the Student Services tab in the Personal Information box.

Prevent Release of Directory Information

To prevent Stockton from releasing "directory" information please complete the form above.
If you would like to obtain or authorize access to student records please see the Student Privacy Rights-FERPA & Proxy Access page.


For former undergraduate students ONLY.  To request matriculation to be reinstated to complete an undergraduate degree or certification, or to pursue a second undergraduate degree without formally reapplying to Stockton.  Students who attended another college while absent must apply through the Office of Admissions.  Graduate students must apply through the Office of Admissions.  Students not seeking a degree should complete the Non-Matriculated Student Application.

Replacement Diploma

Diplomas will not be ordered without payment.

To request a replacement diploma.  Please allow up to eight weeks for delivery. 

Residency Analysis Form

The Residency Analysis Form is used for current students who wish to request a review of their residency status. 

Social Secuity Number Change

To submit an official SSN change.

Student Name Change

To submit a legal name change request.

Transcript Conversion

To convert a transcript to reflect a GPA.  Transcripts for students who attended Stockton prior to 1989 reflect a H-S-N or an A-B-C-D-F course grading system that did not include a GPA.  Once a transcript has been converted, it cannot be reversed.