• Declaration of Major/Minor/Change of Preceptor Form
    This form should be signed by a faculty member when a student declares a new major or minor, and/or changes to a new preceptor. The form is returned to The Center for Academic Advising in Campus Center 242.

  • Declaration of Second Degree Form
    This form must be signed by the primary preceptor in the first intended degree, and the new preceptor in the second intended degree program. A final signature is required by academic advising. This is to advise the student of the various degree requirements and to ensure that the student understands a minimum of 160 credits will be needed to complete both degrees.

  • Declaration of Double Major Form
    This form is to be signed by the preceptor in the first major field of study and preceptor in the second field of study. A student may take a double major in two Bachelor of Science programs(double BS) or a double major in two Bachelor of Arts ;programs (Double BA). BA and BS programs may not be combined. A final signature is required in The Center for Academic Advising. At that point, the student's CAPP will be adjusted to reflect the double major.

  • Declaration of Certificate Program Form
    This form is to be signed by the student and returned to the Center for Academic Advising, Campus Center 242.

  • Permission to Take Courses at Another Institution Form
    Students must complete this form with appropriate signatures before enrolling at the transfer institution. Students may not repeat courses at another institution for which a "D" or "F" has been earned at Stockton. Only students with a 2.0 grade average are allowed to take courses at another institution. A maximum of 64 credits will be accepted from community colleges. Students who have transferred 96 credits will not be allowed to transfer any other coursework. Students must complete 32 of their final 48 credits at Stockton. The course must be a "C" or better to transfer back to Stockton. It is the student's responsibility to have an official transcript sent to the Office of Student Records after completion of the course.

  • Print and fill form  for making adjustments to a student’s degree program. Please use this adjustment form to make changes to the Degree Works. The form must be signed by preceptor, program chair and Dean before returning to Academic Advising in Campus Center 242.