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Do you have a desire to ask a burning, itching question? The Jersey Devil is somewhat of a sexpertise.

Facing relationship problems, rejection or other hard times? Learn how to hold your chin up when the going gets tough.

Do you have concerns about relating to dorm mates, professors or your BFF? Find a new perspective and explore ways to make your interactions from rough seas to smooth sailing.

Is your love life causing you heartburn? Are you heartbroken, obsessed, or in love? The Jersey Devil has insightful answers to sooth your smoldering heart.

Are you dealing with depression, anxiety, poor self-esteem or an eating disorder? Do you have a question about drug or alcohol use and need to know the facts? Explore a wide array of illuminating mental health and drug and alcohol questions that will keep you on the path to emotional well-being.

The Jersey Devil is here to answer questions and offer insightful advice. Read responses to past visitors' questions, ask one yourself, or contact a counselor directly through the Wellness Center.

Before you proceed, please read the Disclaimer and Legal Issues document. By sending us a question via email, you automatically agree that all the information you provide may be published in The Stockton’s Argo or on the Wellness Center’s website.

Do NOT fill out any information that you want to keep confidential. The questions are answered free of charge by a qualified professional counselor who is a member of d Stockton’s Wellness Center.  If you are in need of serious or immediate help, please schedule an appointment at The Wellness Center located at J-204 or a local professionial in the area. 

We will attempt to answer all questions submitted however; please be advised that we cannot guarantee that your question will be answered. Before submitting your question please read prior submitted questions. There is a good chance that you will find an answer to a similar question. To increase the chances of your question being answered, please suggest a title as well as a relevant category. If the counselor responds to your question, expect a delay of several weeks before it is posted on our site.

Disclaimer and Legal Issues

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