Health Education

Health related and life skills information is available to student groups or individuals. Most workshops are fun and interactive and can be tailored to the needs of your group. Common topics requested include Sexual Health, Relationships, Managing Stress, Substance Abuse, and Staying Healthy. Student staff Certified Peer Educators can facilitate most programs as well.

Students looking to manage stress in positive ways can meet with the Health Educator, Luanne Anton, by individual appointment to learn relaxation techniques that include various methods of meditation. We will review what you are currently doing to take care of yourself in the areas of nutrition, fitness, and sleep habits and explore ways to improve these areas if necessary. Next the student is led through a brief guided meditation that includes breathing and grounding techniques that students usually find enjoyable and easily reproducible on their own. Each session will explore a different meditation technique or combination of techniques so that the students can adapt methods that work for them. These services are available free of charge. Contact Luanne Anton at 609.626.6088 or OR Kristen Mittleman at 609.652.4701 or for an appointment.

Healthy Cooking Made Easy

Join our Health Educators, Luanne Anton & Kristen Mittleman, along with our Nutritionist, Kim Raring as they team up to show you how easy it can be to cook some healthy dishes. Check out the links to some of our cooking videos below:

Healthy Omelets

Healthy Stir Fry Dishes

Healthy Desserts


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