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Stockton University annually honors Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage (AAPIH) Celebration in April & May. AAPIH Month is nationally celebrated in May, though here at Stockton University, we begin celebrating in April while the semester is still underway. Stockton's AAPIH Celebration celebrates the culture, traditions, and history of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.

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Student Organizations

We encourage Stockton students to get involved and learn more about our Asian American & Pacific Islander community on campus. 

Please grab you passport to learn about international adoption! Adoptees United raises awareness and forms connections among the adoptee and non-adoptee community through advocacy, forming close connections in an effort to break the stereotypes and misunderstandings surrounding the adoptee experience. All are welcome!

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The Asian Student Alliance is a social and cultural club dedicated to bringing people from all types of backgrounds together to teach, learn, and inspire interested students. To help us achieve our goals, we aim to branch out and collaborate with other clubs on campus, such as Pilipino American Student Association of Stockton, Muslim Student Association, African Student Organization, Stockton Entertainment Team, and many other clubs on campus. Every year, we host many events on campus that brings a new cultural experience to the students of Stockton.

Previous events we have hosted include the Phoenix Night Market, Lunar New Years, Passport to Asia, Spicy Ramen Challenge, Liberty in North Korea Fundraiser, and many more! One of our bigger events of the year is associated with ECAASU, the East Coast Asian American Student Union, which occurs every year at a host college where there are tons of workshops on the challenges that Asian Americans face. We aim to bring new members every year to experience these workshops firsthand.

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The purpose of this organization shall be to expose Stockton University students to Indian (Asian) culture and dance. The club will also do performances to fundraise for various organizations.

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The Muslim Student Association is a club for students of all backgrounds and faiths at Stockton to come hang out and bond at meetings. Our goal is to discuss and explore a variety of topics relating to Islam, including stories from the Quran and Hadith (Prophetic sermons), Islamic history, and current events affecting Muslims in the USA and around the globe through lectures, trips, activities, and different kinds of cool events! We also aim to collaborate with different clubs to build bridges and promote more solidarity on campus.

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The mission of the Pakistani Student Association is to embrace the rich culture and heritage of Pakistan while building a bridge between Pakistanis and non-Pakistanis on campus. We aim to host meetings and events to highlight the unique aspects of Pakistani traditions which would be inclusive of all students on campus. We hope to emphasize the diversity of Pakistan by creating a friendly, open environment that is in itself, diverse. 

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The Pilipino American Students Association at Stockton (PASAS) is designed to educate, celebrate, and share Filipino culture inside and outside the Stockton community. The Pilipino-American Student Association of Stockton is composed of students and faculty of Stockton University. The club is bound by our common heritage, adhering to the principles of unity, equality, diversity, and excellence through the promotion of Filipino culture and values within and outside the organization.

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The purpose of the South Asian Student Association is to enhance and promote cultural diversity at Stockton University and the surrounding communities. We as a social and cultural organization, aim to build awareness of diverse cultural backgrounds and traditions of South Asian countries amongst the community of Stockton University. We strive to align with other multicultural organizations of Stockton University in an effort to increase cultural acceptance and integration between students.

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The purpose of this organization shall be to introduce a new style of dance into the Stockton community and create more diversity into the school. The goal is to also have fun while presenting opportunities to showcase the dances in various places. This will increase awareness about different styles of dance along with aspects of Indian culture.

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