Glenn Brennan

B.S. Geology '10

I cherish my Stockton geology experience. It helped me grow into the professional I am today by providing me with the necessary knowledge in my field of work, and it was a great social experience as well as completing field and lab projects with other students. I can not praise the geology program enough.


How did Stockton prepare you for the next chapter in your life?

The geology program at Stockton emphasized the right aspects of the classes that apply to my professional life. Small example, I work with figures and maps most days at work. It seems simple, but properly interpreting a map is a skill and it was an early lesson in the geology degree that was taught well. Other more specific content from the degree program applies to what I use on the job site, but the map one is easier to understand.

Can you talk about your career path since graduating from Stockton?

I am in the workforce. My path after Stockton went: laboratory analyst; aquifer testing laborer; environmental consultant; and  geophysicist. In my current position, I use equipment to locate shallow subsurface objects, identify sinkholes, map bedrock topography, determine bedrock well lithology, and other geophysical investigations.

Can you talk about your educational path since graduating from Stockton?

I pursued the professional geologist certification in Pennsylvania. The knowledge base I gained from my time at Stockton was crucial in my passing the two exams to gain my certification.

What advice would you give to students who are considering majoring in your field?

Reach out to alumni that are doing different types of work/research. If possible, spend a day on the job with them to see what it’s really like. In my experience, the workforce was an abrupt change from college that I wish I had been exposed to before graduation.