Maria Cilento

Image of Maria CilentoB.S. Biology, Minor Spanish '16

My name is Maria Cilento and I am a graduating senior at Stockton University. I am a Biology major with a love for research. Thanks to Stockton and my supervising professor, Dr. Manuela Tripepi, I have been given ample opportunities to complete and present my research.

I didn't know exactly what I wanted to do at Stockton, but I knew I loved Science. I started as a Teaching Assistant and from there my experience and passion grew. I worked on a project with Yale University and Cedar Creek High School, assessing the local bacteria resistance in the environment. I presented my research for this twice at Stockton University's NAMs Symposium. During my senior year and I was granted the Research Experience for Undergraduate Award. I was awarded $1,000 to continue my research. I not only was able to complete the first project I began, but I started a new one. With the help of Stockton's amazing professor, Dr. Tripepi, we developed a new media that is easily accessible and affordable. I was able to work with an amazing archaea Haloferax volcanii which is able to live in extreme conditions, is non-pathogenic, and has a photo repair mechanism.

Undergraduate research helped me develop lifelong skills and prepare myself for my future career. I was accepted to Thomas Jefferson University for a Master's in Public Health and to continue with research. I look forward to my future and am thankful for the strong educational foundation I gained at this University.