MARS Success Stories

Stockton students are scholars, leaders, world travelers, researchers and innovators. "Distinctive Stockton Students" is a blog that shows off the successes of our undergraduate and graduate students and new alumni. Marine Science Program students and alumni included in this on-going series are profiled below.


Marine Science Student Apryle Panyi

Apryle Panyi
Marine Sicence '15

Marine Science Student Maria Berezin

Maria Berezin
Minor Marine Sicence '13

Marine Science Student Melissa Laurino

Melissa Laurino
Marine Science '15


 Owen Mulvey-McFerron

Owen Mulvey-McFerron
Marine Science / Environmental Studies Double Major '16

 Jamie Taylor

Jamie Taylor
Marine Biology /
BA Creative Writing ' 14

 Marine Science Student Caroline Bowman

Caroline Bowman
Marine Science / Concentration Education '15


Marine Science Alumni Spotlights