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Welcome to the Office of Residential Life. Our staff is excited to provide support, and foster growth within our community. 

The Office of Residential Life aspires to be a leading residential program in the state of New Jersey by creating a residential experience built upon mutual understanding and respect that supports interpersonal growth and development. Residential Life strives to create a seamless atmosphere for long lasting and meaningful friendships at Stockton and aspires to shape transformative experiences which challenge students to engage in the pursuit of knowledge and personal fulfillment.


The Stockton University, Office of Residential Life offers diverse living opportunities in both suburban and urban environments.  We seek to empower students through experiential learning as a means to provide a safe, inclusive, atmosphere fostering academic excellence and the development of emotional, and cultural competence.


We aspire to cultivate responsible, educated, global citizens who are capable of making moral and ethical decisions.  We strive to meet the evolving needs of our students through educational and innovative practices.


  • To further enhance the existing program moel using high impact practices, to include intentional conversations between staff and residents by the Fall of 2021.
  • Leverage technology to provide students online, virtual tours of the varying housing spaces by Fall of 2021.
  • Provide sudents with more in-depth knowledge of common safety protocols by using multiple advertising mediums to dispense important information by the Fall 2021 semester.
  • Collaborate with the Office of Parent and Family Partnerships to provide information and help families better prepare their students for important dates and events through the 2021-2022 academic year.
  • Provide easy to access information for students on how to handle roommate conflicts and other common sources of dissatisfaction for the Fal 2021 semester. 

Office Information

Location: A-100
Serves the Residential Students of Housing 2 and Housing 3
Telephone: 609.652.4332 

Location: Lakeside Lodge
Serves the Residential Students of Housing 1, Housing 4, Housing 5 and Stockton Owned and Affiliated Properties
Telephone: 609.652.4697

Location: Atlantic City Residential Complex
Serves the Residential Students of Atlantic City
Telephone: 609.761.1232


8:30 AM - 5:00 AM, Monday - Friday

Summer Hours:
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Monday - Friday

101 Vera King Farris Drive
Galloway, NJ 08205



Jestina Drysdale

Jestina Drysdale, Assistant Director of Residence Education

609.761.1232 | Atlantic City
Darius Edwards

Darius Edwards, Coordinator for Inclusive Communities and Social Justice Education

609.761.1232 | Atlantic City
Alexis Scott

Alexis Scott, Coordinator of Training and Personnel

609.652.4697 | Lakeside Lodge
Christopher Lipari-Pazienza

Christopher Lipari-Pazienza, Graduate Coordinator:Hall Director - Housing 1, A-D Courts

609.652.4697 | Lakeside Lodge
Tajeh Moreno

Tajeh Moreno, Graduate Coordinator:Hall Director - Housing 1, E-H Courts

609.652.4697 | Lakeside Lodge
Desiree Robinson

Desiree Robinson, Graduate Coordinator:Hall Director - Housing 2, A-F

609.652.4332 | A-100
Julia Cunningham

Julia Cunningham, Graduate Coordinator:Hall Director - Housing 2, G-K

609.652.4332 | A-100
Jaimie Dubicki

Jaimie Dubicki, Graduate Coordinator:Hall Director - Housing 3

609.652.4332 | A-100
Franki Berliner

Franki Berliner, Graduate Coordinator:Hall Director - Housing 4 & Housing 5

609.652.4697 | Lakeside Lodge
Kit Hunter

Kit Hunter, Graduate Coordinator:Hall Director - Atlantic City

609.761.1232 | Atlantic City
Charles Sinondon

Charles Sinondon, Graduate Coordinator:Hall Director - Chris Gaupp

609.652.4697 | Lakeside Lodge
Justin Garrison

Justin Garrison, Graduate Coordinator:Coordinator of Community Engagement

609.652.4697 | Lakeside Lodge
Nicholas Dunham

Nicholas Dunham, Graduate Coordinator:Coordinator of Training & Staff Development

609.652.4697 | Lakeside Lodge
Sunnie Yousaf

Sunnie Yousaf, Graduate Coordinator:Coordinator of Social Justice Education

609.761.1232 | Atlantic City



Diana Allen

Diana Allen, Professional Services Specialist 3

609.652.4697 | Lakeside Lodge
Shawn Busch

Shawn Busch, Professional Services Specialist 3

609.652.4697 | Lakeside Lodge
Marques Johnson

Marques Johnson, Director Residential Education and Student Services

609.652.4332 | A-100
Christina Lau

Christina Lau, Program Assistant

609.652.4332 | A-100
Brian Pluchino

Brian Pluchino, Associate Director Residential Facilities and Retention

609.652.4697 | Lakeside Lodge
Steven Radwanski

Steven Radwanski, Executive Director for Residential Life

609.652.4697 | A-100
James Timothy

James Timothy, Assistant Director of Residential Life for Operations and Communications

609.652.4697 | Lakeside Lodge