Guide to Residential Life

Welcome to Residential Life. We are excited that you chose Stockton University, and have decided to live in our residence halls. I want to welcome those that are new to Stockton, and those that are coming back to our residence halls for the upcoming academic year.

As an '05 alumnus, and having lived on campus for four years, I had amazing experiences and made life long friends.  My hope for you is that you have a similar experience.  The resident assistants, graduate coordinators, and professional staff are here to assist you 24 hours a day.   Please be sure to review this website because it contains important information about living on campus.  I am excited to see you on campus and please feel free to stop by my office and say hello.

Steven E. Radwanski, Ed.D.
Assistant Vice President of Student Living & Learning/Executive Director of Residential Life
Stockton University, A-100 Office of Residential Life

Residential Life Mission Statement Is To...

Provide a safe, inclusive, and educational environment where students can be empowered to leave a meaningful impact on society.  We strive to assist students in creating a sense of belonging where students can engage, with peers, faculty, and staff, in meaningful dialogue, while simultaneously, cultivating personal, and professional growth that will allow students to live, learn, and leave a legacy. 

Residential Life Vision Statement

The Office of Residential Life seeks to blend course load effeciency and residential living through deliberate educational experiences; by providing a safe and secure environment where students will experience advancement both interpersonally and professionally through intentional interactions and programming.  We strive to create programming that encourages incremental and sustainable growth allowing them to be culturally aware and relevant to the evolving needs and ideas of the world.