Roommate Road Trip



If you are having a roommate conflict, you might be feel like you’re stuck in traffic.

Residential Life understands that living with new people can be bumpy, include detours, and traffic jams. It is our goal to help you navigate your expectations so that you can have the best trip.

Consider your roommate relationship like a journey-- on move in day, the keys to the car were yours. You and your roommate may have been excited to begin this journey together. You may expect beautiful scenery (clean room), great family meals (late night pizza on the nights), pass the aux cord (listening to the same music at the same volume), and picking up friends on the way (loving each other’s guests).

But… like most road trips, about two hours into the journey someone has to make a pit stop. Just as the semester gets more difficult, the trip gets more difficult. The pressure of getting to the destination (i.e. you and your new bestie having a late night heart-to-heart chat), may weigh down the vehicle. Sometimes you may feel like you’re the only one paying for gas, but consider whether you always need a full tank.

Below is a road map to help tailor your expectations and navigate detours.

Understand that not everyone is looking for a best friend, you can approach these people like co-workers.
It does not have to be personal; everyone comes from different backgrounds and may not understand something that you think is obvious.
Take this online quiz, compliments of, to learn your conflict style. It is okay to reflect before speaking with your roommate, but speaking directly within 48 hours of the situation is important. If 48 hours pass, as Elsa would say, “LET IT GO!“

Emergency Roadside Assistance

Step 1: Set Boundaries

Speak about your preferences, use the roommate agreement form, and talk to your roommate when something is not going right. 

Step 2: Ask for Help

Ask the Resident Assistant for help having a conversation.

Review the roommate agreement with your RA to see if there are areas that could be improved.

Step 3: Schedule a Meeting

Contact your Complex Director for help with direct communication and learn more about other options.

Last resort: You and the CD might decide that the road trip is over, and a room change is necessary.