Non-Matriculated Registration

A non-matriculated student is one who is interested in taking courses for credit, but who has not formally applied to Stockton. While students may complete a registration form to select classes, they are not considered matriculated or working toward a degree until they complete the formal application process.

Undergraduate Students:

Non-matriculated undergraduate students are limited to 8 credit hours in any term, and no more than 24 credits may be attempted in non-matriculated status. To register beyond the limit of 24 credits, the non-matriculant must apply and be admitted as a matriculated student.

Graduate Students:

Non-matriculated graduate students are limited to 9 credit hours, in total, in most graduate programs. The MAED, MAIT and MBA limit non-matriculated students to 6 credit hours of attempted study, without the possibility of repeating a course. The DPT, MSCD, and MSOT programs do not accept non-matriculated students.

Non-matriculated Application Process:

In order to access and submit a non-matriculated application to the University, you will need to initially create an application Login ID and PIN. Your Login ID and PIN can be later used to return to an existing application or to submit a new application. The application Login ID and PIN is not your official Stockton account. Your Stockton account information will be emailed to your personal email address after the application has been submitted.

Spring 2021 and Summer 2021 applications will be available December 1st. 

Click Here to access the application.


Registration dates for non-matriculated registration can be found on the academic calendar.