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The International Student Organization is just one of over 200 ways to get involved at Stockton University.

Galloway, N.J. – Hailing from Bangladesh, international student Mashrur Pasha Pantho emphasized the importance of connections and community when describing the support that the new International Student Organization (ISO) is aiming to provide.

“Sometimes, (students) have this long journey, and they came here, but they don't feel a sense of belonging, so we want to make sure we’re creating an environment for them to make sure they feel that they belong here,” Pasha Pantho, who serves as event coordinator for ISO, said. “To be part of this club is making sure we have each other, like helping each other, making sure we are having each other’s backs is the most important thing about this club.”

They accomplish this through monthly meetings and by creating various opportunities to travel off-campus to explore life in the United States outside of New Jersey. Previous trips the club has taken include Washington, D.C., and New York. 

Cultural Night will be in April like last year – details are forthcoming and will be available on their OspreyHub and Instagram. 

As for on-campus events, the organization is looking forward to hosting another Cultural Night in collaboration with other multicultural student groups. According to Margivinatta “Natta” Senesie, a Biochemistry senior from Sierra Leone and ISO treasurer, the night is a way for students to highlight their cultures through fun, music, and dancing.

“Everybody just comes together, and we just hang out! Each person from a different country brings their most popular games or recommends the food that they eat more often, and then we buy it from a restaurant. It's just a way for us to relax and thank ourselves for doing well that semester,” Senesie said, smiling.

Meet Riya Goyal | #StocktonVoices


Click to read (and hear) Riya Goyal, president and founder of the International Student Organization, tell you about her journey at Stockton University and her advice for international students like her! 

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There are over 200 ways for students at Stockton University to get involved – explore the clubs and organizations on campus by checking out the twice-a-year Get Involved Fair or through OspreyHub. 

– Story and photo by Loukaia Taylor