Choose Stockton

At Stockton University, you can choose an experience that matches your interests. With more than 50 high-quality academic programs, small class sizes and affordable tuition, the choices are endless. Learn why our students chose Stockton. These are their stories.


Nick Todaro

Choose to up your game.

Nick Todaro '19

Edward Caroselli

Choose to climb the ranks.

Edward Caroselli '19

Yomaris Acosta

Choose to lend a hand.

Yomaris Acosta '19

Willie J. Barnes III

Choose to respond.

Willie J. Barnes III '16

Jacob Wolos

Choose to get your hands dirty.

Jacob Wolos III '17

Jared Lewis

Choose to leap forward.

Jared Lewis '18

Emily Dolhansky

Choose to be a hot shot.

Emily Dolhansky '16

Rebecca Howard

Choose to travel through time.

Rebecca Howard '18

Marisa Douglas

Choose to champion a cause.

Marisa Douglas '17

Ike Ejikeme

Choose to lead by example.

Ike Ejikeme '16

Amanda Dodd

Choose to soar.

Amanda Dodd '17

Trang Phan

Choose to go global.

Trang Phan '17

Shawn Chesek

Choose to frame your future.

Shawn Chesek '19

Aubrey Corbett

Choose to live without borders.

Aubrey Corbett '14

Kat Wentzell

Choose to be a headliner.

Kat Wentzell '18

Favad Akhtar

Choose to get mobile.

Favad Akhtar '16 '20

Arianna Ferri

Choose to see the world.

Arianna Ferri '20

Angel Cordero

Choose to make an impact.

Angel Cordero '20

La-Tasha Randolph

Choose a new perspective.

La-Tasha Randolph '18, '19

Victoria Saunders

Choose to produce.

Victoria Saunders '19

Salman Rafat

Choose to serve.

Salman Rafat '17

Tiffany Roach

Choose to discover.

Tiffany Roach '19

Casey Van Newenhizen

Choose to learn in motion.

Casey Van Newenhizen '18

Joshua Battaglia

Choose to strut your stuff.

Joshua Battaglia '18

Naheel Naber

Choose to read minds.

Naheel Naber '16

Jordan Ramos-Farhat

Choose to get social.

Jordan Ramos-Farhat '17

Jill Zinckgraf

Choose to elevate voices.

Jill Zinckgraf '19

Ryan Luurtsema

Choose to lead.

Ryan Luurtsema '19

Julie Coker

Choose to shine bright.

Julie Coker '20

Jesse Amesbury

Choose to spread your wings.

Jesse Amesbury '13

Tori Sisbarro

Choose to go live.

Tori Sisbarro '19, '20