A Statement from President Joe Bertolino

Statement from President Joe Bertolino

Dear Stockton Community,

I’d like to thank those who joined us this evening for a powerful and productive conversation on the current crises in the Middle East and events taking place on our campus. I was humbled by the courage and heartfelt sentiments from our faculty, students, staff and members of the community sharing their feelings. 

I’d like to be unequivocally clear that Stockton University condemns the horrific terrorist attacks by Hamas on civilians in Israel. The violence inflicted is inexcusable. We continue to mourn the loss of innocent Israeli, Palestinian, American and other lives due to these attacks.

Tonight was the beginning of a dialogue that provides an opportunity for our community to be seen and be heard. I want this University to be a place where people can come together, tell their stories and share their truths. We must listen to and learn from each other. 

Moving forward, our leadership team, faculty, staff, students, community members and religious leaders will work together to develop a series of programs to engage, educate and have constructive conversations of how we, as a community, deal with the difficult and historically complex subject of conflicts in the Middle East.

Today, we were made aware of unauthorized flyers and other materials that included antisemitic language posted around campus. The University is taking appropriate steps to address this matter. We will never stand for hateful language or rhetoric that threatens anyone or makes any member of our community feel unsafe. Stockton is and will remain a safe and welcoming environment for all. 

As a University that values inclusivity, there are a number of support services and resources available for our community. Students who need support may contact Counseling and Psychological Services. Employees who need support may find resources by contacting the Employee Assistance Program.  

Thank you for your honesty this evening. We have heard you and others over the last several days. I encourage you to participate in upcoming opportunities and discussions inside and outside of the classroom to continue these important conversations.


President Joe