Bathymetry data collected with an Edgetech 6205, Mullica River, NJ.

ROV video images; biological succession on a reef ball (left) and fish measuring capabilities (right).

Data acquisition aboard the R/V Petrel.

Sand ridges imaged by a Klein 3900 offshore of Atlantic City, NJ.

USGS bottom grab imaging system aboard the R/V Petrel.

The R/V Petrel supported USGS studies near Little Egg Inlet, NJ in 2018.

Side scan image of the Admiral DuPont (1865), showing an intact set of side paddlewheels.

Side scan image of the Admiral DuPont (1865), showing an intact set of side paddlewheels.


The MFS provides the vessels and instrumentation for the hydrography program at Stockton.  Instrumentation available for use by Stockton and visiting scientists includes; survey-grade (RTK) GPS and motion solutions, single beam and multibeam echo sounders, side scan sonar, magnetometer, mobile LiDAR, inspection-class Remotely Operated Vehicle, and aerial drones.  Additional instrumentation is available through the oceanography program.

Professional staff at the MFS maintain and operate this instrumentation and support survey projects for the educational and research programs.  The R/V Petrel offers a multi-purpose survey platform capable of operating several sensors simultaneously and fitting the needs of river, inlet and near-coastal survey projects requiring up to 18 hour support.  Smaller vessels for shallow-water survey work are also available.  All survey vessels are equipped with on-board RTK GPS systems and are directly operated by knowledgeable marine surveyors that can assist faculty and visiting groups with sensor integrations and troubleshooting.    

Current research projects include:

Recent collaborative research support has included;

Bathymetry and side scan sonar image library;

Current hydrography internships and job postings

For more information about current projects or to collaborate in our region on a related project requiring hydrographic or vessel support contact MFS@stockton.edu.

The program is a member of the Marine Technology Society and The Hydrographic Society of America and has placed numeorus students into the field of marine survey locally and abroad.

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