Faculty and Staff

On-site Staff


Steve Evert

B.S. Biological Oceanography, Florida Institute of Technology
M.A., Instructional Technology, Stockton University
U.S.C.G. Merchant Mariner Credential, Master Near Coastal Waters to 100 tons
Facility & resource management, marine operations, and hydrographic survey





Elizabeth Bick Zimmermann

Marine Field Station Assistant
B.S. Marine Science, Stockton University
M.A., Instructional Technology, Stockton University
Marine operations, YSI water quality programs, hydrographic survey, and wetlab operations 




Nathan Robinson

Marine Field Station Assistant 
B.S. Marine Science, Stockton University
U.S.C.G. Merchant Mariner Credential, Master Near Coastal Waters to 25 tons/Master Inland Waters to 100 tons
Marine operations, hydrographic survey, vessel and instrument maintenance 




Dave Ambrose

Research Technician, 75% 13M position
B.S. Marine Science, Stockton University
Marine operations and field research support


Affiliated Faculty

Mark Sullivan

Mark C. Sullivan

Associate Professor of Marine Science
Ph.D. (University of Miami)
Ecology of early stage fishes in estuarine / continental shelf environments, implications of climate change on fish recruitment, impacts of mobile fishing gear on seafloor habitats, American eel early life history.  Marine debris.
Profile on the Marine Science Program website




Gordan Grguric

Associate Professor of Marine Science
Ph.D.(Florida Institute of Technology) 
Seawater aquarium chemistry, redox processes, interstitial water, physical and chemical modeling of closed sea water systems.
Profile on Marine Science Program website




Elizabeth Lacey

Associate Professor of Marine Science
Ph.D. (Florida International University)
Courses: Marine Botany, Ecology, Survey of Ocean Life, Coral Reef Ecology (field course in Panama), Sensational Seaweeds
Research interests: Marine ecology, Tropical marine ecosystems (coral reefs, seagrass beds, mangroves), Marine primary producers (macroalgae, seagrass), Herbivory, Human impacts on marine ecosystems, Ecosystem restoration, Science education and pedagogical techniques.
Marine Ecosystem Research Laboratory website




Susanne Moskalski

Assistant Professor of Marine Science
Ph.D. (University of Delaware) - Science/Geology
Coastal Processes, Ocean Planet, Marine Geology, Historical Geology, Sedimentology and Stratigraphy
Research interests - Sedimentary and surficial processes in marshes and estuaries. Sediment flux, deposition/erosion rates and patterns, storm effects, human impacts, time series analysis.

Coastal Sedimentology Lab Page




Christine Thompson

Assistant Professor of Marine Science
Ph.D. (MIT/Woods Hole Oceanographic Inst.)
Courses: Introduction to Marine Biology, Ecology, Invertebrate Zoology, Scientific Exploration
Research interests: oyster restoration and habitat monitoring, plankton ecology and larval dispersal, image analysis techniques for marine science
Profile on the Marine Science Program website





Matthew Landau

Professor of Marine Science
Ph.D.(Florida Institute of Technology) 
Aquaculture, fisheries management, crustacean biology, general evolutionary theory, comparative physiology and toxicology, biometry, biochemistry.




Tara Luke

Associate Professor of Biology
Ph.D. (John Hopkins University)
My current research involving undergraduates focuses on molecular characterization of local marine ecosystems, including shipwrecks and artificial reefs off the coast of New Jersey.
Profile on Biology Program website




Anna Pfeiffer-Herbert

Assistant Professor of Marine Science
Ph.D. (University of Rhode Island) 
Coastal physical oceanography, biological-physical interactions, mathematics for marine science
Research interests - Interactions of physical and ecological processes in the coastal ocean and estuaries.
Research Website



Peter Straub

Peter F. Straub

Professor of Biology
PhD (University of Delaware)
Marine Biotechnology, environmental gene regulation, coastal and estuarine ecology, scientific diving and hydrography.
Stockton Underwater Sciences-Learning Community




Tait Chirenje

Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies
Ph.D. (University of Florida) 
Urban geochemistry, environmental chemistry.
Research website




Steve Nagiewicz

Marine Science Adjunct Faculty
B.S. Business Studies, Richard Stockton College
PSM Environmental Science, Stockton University
U.S.C.G. Master licencse 50 ton - United States Coast Guard
Scuba diving, divemaster, Nitrox Blending
Remote sensing technology, marine archaeology, maritime research and history




Stewart C. Farrell

Professor Emeritus
Ph.D. (University of Massachusetts at Amherst)
Estuarine hydrography and intertidal sediment structure, beach morphology and physical processes affecting shoreline dynamics, coastal zone planning and storm hazard mitigation for New Jersey coastal communities. Computer mapping and NJ beach profile data management is part of the work performed by the Stockton Coastal Research Center.



Jackie Toth Sullivan

Jacalyn (Jackie) Toth Sullivan

Marine Science Adjunct Faculty 
MS Ecology and Evolution (Rutgers University)
NJ Coastal Marine Mammals; Marine mammal ecology; anthropogenic impacts on marine mammal biology, behavior, distribution patterns, and essential habitat.  Dynamics of New Jersey's seasonal population of bottlenose dolphins and harbor seals; occurence, movement patterns, stock structure, seasonal site fidelity and food habits.



Sarah Gray

Sarah Gray

Assistant Professor of Chemistry
(Ph.D University of Montana)
Carbon biogeochemistry, ocean acidification, in situ sensor design, chemical education.