How to Use Classroom Lavalier Microphones

Certain classrooms will now be equipped with Sennheiser lavalier microphones. These new microphones will allow you to be heard through both the speakers in the classroom and Zoom simultaneously. Please use the following instructions to ensure all equipment is in working order.

  1. Locate and turn on the wireless receiver. This should be in the podium.

    Picture of Lavalier Mic Picture of Opened LAvalier Mic

  2. Plug your wired microphone into the “MIC/LINE” port and ensure the receiver is not muted.

    Microphone port of Lavalier

  3. Launch Zoom and press “Test Speaker & Microphone.

    Screenshot of Zoom setting, "Test Microiphone and Speakers"

  4. Make sure you can hear the test chime through the classroom speakers and the Zoom speaker is set to the device starting with “DVX.” Then, click “

    Screenshot of Zoom Setting "Do you hear ringtone?"

    If you do not hear anything, press the volume up button on the keypad on the podium.

    Screenshot of Podium Controls

  5. In the next test, make sure “Microphone (USB Audio Device)” is selected, then speak into the microphone. If you hear your voice through the classroom speakers, it’s working! Just click Finish on the next screen.

    Screenshot of Microphone test for Zoom

If you need a microphone, please contact the helpdesk!

For a downloable version of this tutorial, download the PDF version here!