Bypassing the Serial Prompt in Adobe Creative Cloud

If an installed Adobe Creative Cloud product is prompting you for a serial number, follow these steps to bypass the screen and activate the product with your Stockton account.

Close out of Adobe and reopen the program by double-clicking the icon on the Desktop Background.  You will now see the below ‘Sign In Required’ window.  Click the blue ‘Sign In Now’ button.

A screenshot of the Adobe sign-in prompt.

Before entering any information, click the ‘Sign in with an Enterprise ID’ link below the sign in area.

A screenshot of the Adobe CC sign-in page, with the button "Sign in with an Enterprise ID" highlighted

Enter your full Stockton email address ( in the ‘Username’ space and then click the ‘Password’ Space. Clicking on the password field should redirect you to our Stockton login screen. 

A screenshot of the Adobe sign-in page, with a stockton e-mail address entered into the email field.

Login as you normally would with your GoPortal username and password.

A screenshot of the stockton CAS sign-in page.

After entering your credentials, Adobe Creative Cloud should authenticate and show a confirmation message. Click ‘Continue’.

A screenshot of the page confirming a successful authentication and activation of Adobe CC.