Printing Station Locations

Look for the sign below at every Printing Station. Scroll down for a list of locations

Printing Stations Poster

AC Academic Floor 2 Kiosk Second floor on the AC Academic Building
AC Residential Floor 1 Kiosk First floor on the AC Residential Building
AC Residential Lab Printer Second floor on the AC Residential Building
A-Wing Kiosk Printer Next to Alton Auditorium
Campus Center Front Kiosk Printer Next to Financial Aid (CC201)
Campus Center Rear Kiosk Printer Next to the Office of the Registrar (CC203)
Chris Gaupp Printer Inside the residential building on the first floor
D wing Kiosk Outside of the D wing labs 
ETTC 128 Printer Outside of ETTC 128
E-Wing Kiosk Printer Next to the E-Wing Gallery entrance
Health Science Printer Second floor of HSC by the stairs
H-wing Kiosk Printer Outside of H-Wing, first floor
K-wing Kiosk Printer Outside of K-Wing, first floor
Kramer Hall Kiosk Printer Kramer Hall Site, first floor room 205
Lakeside Lodge Printer Lakeside Computer Lab
Library B/W Printer Library, first floor
Library Color Printer Library, first floor
Manahawkin Health Printer Manahawkin Instructional Site, behind front desk
Manahawkin Main Printer Manahawkin Instructional Site, near kiosk at entrance
TRLC Printer TRLC Computer Lab, Housing 2/3
USC Kiosk Printer Unified Science Center, second floor
West Quad Kiosk Printer West Quad, first floor