Using Your Smart Phone or Mobile Device to Stay Connected

The computer systems for Stockton University are supported by an uninterruptible power system and a back-up generator. In most emergencies where regional power is lost, Stockton's online resources will still be available.

As we learned during Super Storm Sandy, our smart phones can be excellent, battery powered resources to keep us connected with the Stockton and the world. However, their power is limited. There are many options for backup power. Examples include:

Many cell phone apps can come in handy during an emergency. The following organization have smart phone apps:

Emergencies can be big (i.e., Hurricane Irene, derecho, Super Storm Sandy)  or they can be small (flat tire, sprained ankle, absent babysitter). Planning in advance can minimize the impact of an emergency on your classes. The Center for Learning Design staff is here to help you make individual plans that will work best with your classes. Please do not hesitate to call. 609-626-3479.