Electronic Classrooms

PodiumStockton’s electronic classrooms are equipped with a custom designed podium containing a computer, webcam, document camera, and connections for personal laptops and other devices.

The output of these devices is displayed through a ceiling-mounted projector and a simple to use keypad interface. The podium computer is for Faculty and staff use only.

Electronic Classroom Video Tutorial

At Stockton University, all classrooms and teaching labs are equipped with  multimedia equipment to enhance teaching and learning. Every one of our  Electronic Classrooms comes equipped with projectors, electronic drop‐down  screens, high performance computers and multifunction audio visual control  equipment.  Inside the podium or credenza is a computer with Internet access,  an interface for connecting a laptop, a document camera (overhead projector)  and in some rooms an Apple TV is offered for wireless presentation from iOS  devices. 

Priority support is always available by contacting the ITS Help Desk (x4309)  using the phone near the podium or equipment credenza location.   

The common 16‐button  Keypad layout found in  most classrooms.  All classrooms will have the  noted devices; some  rooms may have  additional functionality. 

 16 button keypad

A common 8‐button Keypad layout‐  found in some Arts and Science classrooms as well as the Campus Center meeting rooms 1‐5

Keypad with 8 buttons

To connect your laptop or any other portable device (tablet, etc) to the projector,  open up the Cable Cubby on the top of the lectern. There are cables inside, a VGA for  display and Stereo mini‐jack for sound, a wired network connection for internet  access, and some classrooms are now also equipped with an HDMI digital video  connection.  After hooking up the VGA (or other video) cable, set your laptop to the  mirrored display option (FN + F8 on most Windows‐based laptop models). When  setting up audio, plug the mini‐jack into your headphone port (Except when using  HDMI connections‐ the audio and video both are carried over on the same cable).  The network will automatically assign an IP address to give you Internet Access.  If you  need an adapter for your laptop, please contact the ITS Help Desk (x4309) using the  phone near the podium or equipment credenza location.

Computer Adapters

To access files from your USB thumb drive, plug the thumb drive into the USB Port  on the top of the lectern or directly into the computer itself. Your drive will show  up in My Computer. 


To use the document camera, unlock and open the side podium drawer using your  Stockton issued podium key and select the “Doc Cam” button on the Keypad or touch  panel. Turn on the device by pressing the power button on the rear of the Document  Camera.  Focus and Zoom controls are located on the front of the Document Camera head.   Carefully unfold the arm(s) and please return to the folded position when finished.  Always  remember to lock the drawer when finished.  If you need a new or replacement podium  key, please contact the ITS Help Desk at x4309.  Please remember, priority support is always available by contacting the ITS Help Desk  (x4309) using the phone near the podium or equipment credenza location.

Document Camera

Below is a list of all the Electronic Classrooms available to staff and faculty members.

Software Install for every Electronic Classroom

Windows Applications

MS Office 2019 (Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint), FireFox, Chrome and Internet Explorer (for access to the Internet and web based course systems)

Course Applications

CLEA Astronomy, Managerial Accounting, Microcase, Minitab, QM, Rockford Accounting, SPSS, Winfract, Visual Analist, Maple

Programming Applications

BlueJ, Java Compiler, Visual Basic, Eclipse

Web Browser Plug-ins

Adobe Acrobat Reader, Shockwave Player

Hardware Configuration & Description

Equipment: Podium, Projector, Document Camera, Computer

Operating System: Windows

Various departments are involved in reserving different groups of Electronic Classrooms. The table below lists the points of contact for the different classrooms. You can email them directly by clicking on their names. 

Also, training is required for the use of the electronic lecterns in these classrooms. Training sessions are offered at and before the beginning of the fall and spring semesters. In the event of scheduling problems, alternative training solutions are available. Keys to access the electronic lectern equipment are issued at the training sessions. 

For reservation of a classroom, please reach out to Event Services at event.services@stockton.edu.
To reserve a computer lab, please contact JoAnn Kocher at 


Stockton University subscribes to a cloud-based streaming service called NJVid. NJVid replaces our existing Video Distribution Service (VDS) and the academic streaming services developed by the college and incorporated into Blackboard; both of these services will be closed by the fall of 2014. Consolidating video services through NJVid simplifies video access and uploads and reduces compatibility issues. It also makes viewing easier for students, who will be able to access course-required videos anywhere they have access to a computer or tablet.

Streaming request Form


  • Instructor-owned DVDs or VHS tapes may be presented during face to face meetings in a Stockton classroom using the available equipment (i.e., computer, DVD player, and projector).
  • Streamed videos part of a library subscription (e.g. Videos on Demand) may be presented during face to face class meetings and through the Blackboard Learning Management System. Use the link provided by the subscription service.
  • Library-owned DVDs may be presented during face to face class meetings and through the Blackboard Learning Management System. For the latter, the instructor must complete the “Streaming Video Faculty Request Form” found on the Library homepage. After the video is loaded on NJVid, the link is sent to the instructor to post in his/her course page.

All films that we own are included in the library catalog. Start there and do an “Advanced Search” with words or phrases you remember, limiting the “Format” option to “Video” and “Media Type” option to “VHS or DVD.”

All films that we own are included in the library catalog. Start there and do an “Advanced Search” with words or phrases you remember, limiting the “Format” option to “Video” and “Media Type” option to “VHS or DVD.”

Because we must safeguard the University’s network by limiting it to materials that we have purchased through approved vendors.

To comply with the best practices of the trade association we consulted, the Association of Research Libraries (ARL), which advises no more than a term.

Again, ARL advises that a necessary requirement of fair use is the full attribution of each work included or excerpted.

Because preparing a video to be streamed takes time. New acquisitions must be purchased, received and cataloged before streamed. Also, we’ll be fielding many requests, so we must work from a queue.
To make certain we’re streaming the correct video. Sometimes, titles are similar or the same. The call number will lead us to a bibliographic record, which will tell us more about the film.
Yes, decidedly so! Sensible limitations to fair use are purpose, duration and portion. ARL suggests that we capture in writing responses to questions about these elements. Purpose must be educational and duration limited to a term—that much we know. When purpose is educational, we think it follows that an entire film may be used. We ask about the kind of film because we’re considering streaming feature films through another service and want to gauge usage.
  • For questions about your streaming request (and for all library matters), contact your library liaison.
  • To request a purchase for the library collection, contact your library liaison.
  • For difficulties with viewing your video in your Blackboard course page, videos you have stored on the old server, anad posting NJVID videos in your Blackboard class, call the Help Desk at x4309 (609-652-4309).

 Apple TV Hardware is available in the following classrooms:

AS139, AS140, AS142, AS203, AS234, AS238, AS239, AS241, B105, C001, C004, C008, C009, C010, C011, C012, C102, C134, C135, C136, CM103, D018, F111, F114, F115, F118, F119, F120, F121, F201, F202, F203, F204, F205, F206, F207, F209, F210, F212, F215, F221, F222, F223, F224, F225, F226, F245, J202, K201, K203, Parkway 107, Parkway 108, Parkway 109, Parkway 127, Parkway 128, USC2 326, USC2 325, USC2 323, USC2 230, USC2 228, USC2 227, USC2 226, USC2 225, USC2 108, USC2 101, HSC 102, HSC 104, HSC 201, HSC 205, HSC 207, HSC 216

To Learn How to Share Content from iOS to a Classroom Apple TV

Check out our Training tip!

Information Technology Services offers a mobile projection system. This system can only be reserved by Stockton faculty and staff members.

The following items can be requested:Epson 740c

  • A portable projector
  • A laptop
  • A portable screen

To Reserve a mobile projection unit:

Visit the Production Services Main Office in E-006 (lower level of the Library).  For their hours of operation as well as additional contact information visit their website here

If you are planning to use your own laptop with the projector, please bring your laptop to the ITS Help Desk in D121 prior to your event to ensure your computer will work correctly with our projectors.


The staff or faculty member is fully responsible for the proper usage and safe return of this equipment. Also the staff or faculty member must be present during the use and delivery of the equipment.

If electronic classrooms are not available, staff and faculty members can sign out a portable projector system.