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Quick Reference Guide

  1. Application Navigator
    Application Navigator is the single utility used to navigate between the Banner pages and the Oracle forms environment. Navigating Open Page
  2. Basic Navigation
    You can view the person that is logged in, Sign Out link and Help files. The Help file icon is only active when a page is opened.
  3. Search field
    Search field on main page that allows you to type a Banner descriptive or enter a seven acronym to open a page.
  4. Menu and Search icon
    The Menu and Search icons opens a drop-down sliding menu.
  • Menu icon allows a user to view BannerModule categories and sub-categories.toselect and open a page.
  • Search icon allows user to enter the sevencharacter acronym or description name fora page.
  1. Keyboard Shortcuts
    Application Navigator has a set of keyboard shortcuts, which you can review by clicking on Keyboard Shortcuts in the bottom right corner of the page.

Banner 9 Interface


Navigating an Open Page 

  1. Recently Opened icon
    Allows you to access all pages opened during a session. The number indicates the number of pages opened in a session.
  2. Page Header
    The page header identifies the open page name and contains icons for the basic navigation.
  3. Related and Tools icons
  • Related menu displays a list of pages that can be accessed from this page.
  • Tools menu includes refresh, export, print, clear record, clear data, item properties, display ID image, and other options controlled by the page.
  1. Main Key Block
    The first block on most pages contains key information.
  2. Start Over
    The Start Over button returns to the key block of the page.
  3. Next and Previous Buttons
    Next and Previous buttons allow you to navigate through sections in a page. Both buttons are located at the bottom left of each page.
    Banner Open Page Navigation
  4. Open/Close Sections
    Pages are divided into sections that contain additional details for the key information.
  • Click the down or up arrow to open and close a section.
  1. Sections icons
    Each section has the following icons for that section:
  • Insert records
  • Delete records
  • Copy records
  • Filter records
  • More Information icon displays if supplemental data can be entered for the record. Refer to Supplemental Data Engine for more details.
  • Filter records
    Open and Close Sections

Go Button
The Go button advances to the body of the page after populating the key block.
The Go Button

Searching for Data in a Key Block

The Lookup feature allows you to quickly search for a value for a field.

  1. Click the Lookup icon in the field.

    Look up value

  2. Type a value in the Criteria field, then press Enter. Or, double-click a value to return the value to the calling page.

    Type value criteria

Filtering Data on an Open Page

You can filter data in a section by clicking the active Filter icon in the section header.

  1. Click the Filter icon.
  2. Click the Add Another Field… drop-down list and select a value.

    Add another field

  3. Click the Contains drop-down list and select an operator.
  • The available operators depend on the type of field (numeric, alphanumeric, date, check box, or other).
  1. Type a value for the field that you selected.

    Select Contains

  2. Repeat steps 2 – 4 to further refine the filter.
  3. Click Go.