Argos Support


To access Argos, you will first need to have the necessary privileges. Please fill out the following form and be sure to follow all instructions, including checking off "Argos Access."

Once your account has all of the necessary permissions,  follow the instructions below to log in.


Step 1.) In your web browser, navigate to

You will be prompted for a username and password. This will be the same username and password as your goPortal login.

Evisions Login









Step 2.) To open Argos, click on the Argos Web Viewer

Web Viewer Argos










Step 3.) If it is your first time using Argos, follow the provided on-screen tutorial in the Web Viewer.

Step 4.) After finishing the tutorial, you will be able to view all folders and DataBlocks that your account has access to.

Step 1.) Log into Argos by navigating to


Step 2.)  Under "Explorer", navigate to "General"
Argos General Selector

Step 3.)  Click on "Person Identification Report (GUASYST)."

GUAST Selection

Step 4.) Type in a Z number on the top left-hand of the page next to "ID.," and click "update."

Z Number input Argos

You will now be able to all of the different institutional roles of the specified person.