Alumni Testimonials

Ike Ejikeme, B.A. in Criminal Justice, 2016, M.A. in Criminal Justice, 2018

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Looking back at my journey, I truly believe that Stockton University has truly helped me develop many professional skills. Many of the skills I've learned are due to my involvement on campus in various leadership roles. I wouldn't trade this experience for anything!

Taylor Smarra, B.A. in Criminal Justice, 2016, M.A. in Criminal Justice, 2017

United States Probation, Southern District of New York

The MACJ program at Stockton was vital in my development as a student and later in my career. I learned so much about the criminal justice system, psychology, and current social topics, which all helped me become a well-rounded federal officer. The faculty in the Criminal Justice programs, both Bachelor's and Master's, are so educated and experienced. They will certainly help you leave Stockton prepared to take on the world. I began my career as a Case Manager at a reentry program that works with prison releasees who have substance-use and mental-health diagnoses. From there, I began my career with United States Probation as an Intake Officer. My education, writing skills, and interpersonal skills that I developed while at Stockton have all been essential to my success. I am very thankful for this school and this program!

Robyn Merchant, B.A. in Criminal Justice, 2010, M.A. in Criminal Justice, 2011

Grants Administrator, Department of Defense

I transferred to Stockton my Junior year and enrolled in the BA/MA program in criminal Justice. My experience at Stockton was positive, and I believe that attending a small liberal arts school offered many benefits. The faculty provide an intimate learning environment for eager students and are willing to allow students to pursue their individual interests. As a graduate student I was afforded opportunities as a Research Assistant to a few of the faculty-assisting with database development, literature reviews, and tutoring undergraduate and graduate statistics students. The breadth of experience prepared me to work in industry holding a management position for a Department of Defense contractor as well as in academia, where I currently serve as a grants administrator.

Tiffany Barney, M.A. in Criminal Justice, 2011

Family Services Specialist, Department of Child Protection and Permanency

I was originally a Pre-Med major, but after taking a criminal justice course I knew right away that the Forensic Psychology track was for me and a B.A. wasn't enough for women in the field. At first I felt overwhelmed and a bit skeptical about how I would be able to succeed in the program but the professors and advisors pushed and encouraged me along the way. With my Master's degree I learned a lot of specific and detailed skills to prepare me for this field. I am very grateful for the education and experience I received at Stockton.

Vasiliki Koussoulis, M.A. in Criminal Justice, 2009

Import Specialist, Department of Homeland Security

The master's degree program at Stockton University put me on the fast-track to getting an excellent career with the federal government. Having a Master's in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Homeland Security really helped me stand out in the job market as a unique and well-rounded candidate. The best feature of the program is the extensive fieldwork that gave me practical, hands-on experience that helped me determine my career goals. This type of program still is not widely available at other universities and is a great opportunity for those interested in the field.

Matt Gentile, M.A. in Criminal Justice, 2009

Research Coordinator

The MACJ program was the right choice for me. From our first day of class until the graduation ceremony it was clear that the MACJ is made up of individuals who care about their students, are at the top of their field, and want to help those around them succeed. MACJ faculty members provide their educational expertise that graduates need to succeed in the field. The skills you will receive in this program will prepare you for a plethora of positions in the social science field, and give you a competitive advantage in seeking doctoral program acceptance. I owe a great deal to Stockton University, and the MACJ program, and the MACJ professors who are the best at what they do.