Disability Studies Minor

Disability Studies (DS) is an interdisciplinary field of study that examines the meaning, nature, and consequences of disability, as a social, cultural and political construct. In contrast to educational, clinical, medical, or therapeutic perspectives on disability, DS focuses on how disability is defined and represented in society.

Through the interdisciplinary lens the field of Disability Studies shifts the conversation and helps to understand the nuances of disability that are often not considered within the applied professions (Ferguson & Nusbaum, 2012). Thus, the Disability Studies minor provides an opportunity for an in-depth exploration of the field of disability studies to better prepare students to work with and advocate for vulnerable groups (i.e., individuals with differences) within the context of various majors (e.g., psychology, social work, health sciences, criminal justice, special education).

Program Requirements

Students can declare the minor by logging into their student portal, clicking on the student service tabs and submitting the Minor Declaration form directly to Academic Advising.

The Disability Studies minor consists of five courses (20 Credits). The students will complete:

The students will select a course from the following list:

  • GAH 2281 Introduction to Disability Studies and Theory
  • GSS 1062 Disabilities and Dignity
  • GSS 2356 Disability Rights and History

The students will select 3 courses from the following list:

  • ANTH 2410 Stigma
  • ANTH 3325 Imagining the Body
  • ECON 2104 Health Care Economics
  • EDUC 2241 Inclusive Learning in Education
  • GAH 1037 Philosophy of the Other
  • GAH 1072 Memoirs of Mental Illness
  • GAH 1074 Disability and The Bros. Grimm
  • GAH 2162 Medicine, Ethics and the Arts
  • GAH 2336 Eugenics
  • GAH 2402 Introduction to Deaf Studies
  • GAH 2442 Art and Disability
  • GAH 3616 Memoirs of Mental Illness
  • GEN 1061/GEN 2116 Neurodiversity & Learning Differences
  • GEN 2152 Accessbility and Technology
  • GEN 2216 Obesity and Society
  • GIS 4670 Pestilence and Plague
  • GNM 2201 Health and Healing
  • GNM 2312 Scientists & Disability
  • GSS 1065 Disability and Sports (Fresh Sem)/GSS 2117
  • GSS 2206 Disability & Race 
  • GSS 2256 Exploring the Dying Process/ GSS 2194: Death & Dying
  • GSS 2352 Prespectives of Caregiver
  • GSS 3252 Disability Law: Past, Present and Future
  • GSS 3612 Culture and Mental Health
  • HLTH 3310 Nutrition and Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
  • LANG 1210 Beginning American Sign Language - I (Prev HTLH 2210)
  • LANG 1211 Beginning American Sign Language - II (Prev HLTH 3210)
  • LANG 2210 Intermediate American Sign Language - I
  • LANG 2211 Intermediate American Sign Language - II
  • PUBH 3225 Health Insurance
  • GIS 4605 Disability Advocacy and Policy 
  • GIS 3686 Disability Rights Around the World 

•  Receive C or better in all courses related to Disability Minor

Additional Information

If you have any questions about the minor, then please contact coordinators:

Kerri Sowers
Office: F 211b
Tel#: 609-652-4418