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Questions, comments, or suggestions may be directed to: FirstOspreys@stockton.edu

Stockton University strives to be a place where any student can succeed. First Ospreys was developed to support students whose parents or guardians have not obtained a four-year degree in the United States.

College can be difficult for any student. It can become harder if a student’s immediate family has not earned a four-year degree. The First Ospreys Initiative promotes intentional support, diversity and inclusion, and educational opportunities, while fostering a sense of belonging. The First Ospreys Initiative celebrates and supports students from the time they apply to Stockton through graduation and beyond.


 First Ospreys Initiative Faculty & Staff

 Faculty Engagement and Collaboration

 Student Engagement

Data, Research, & Assessment

Marketing, Communications, & Branding

Daniel Tome (chair)

Haley (co-chair)

Rosa Perez-Maldonado (chair)

Jessica Grullon (chair)

Kathleen Klein

Lauren Wilson (co-chair)

Laurie Dutton

Megan Taylor

Christine Thompson

Amber Davies

Ryan Terrell

Darius Edwards

Jessica Fleck

Joe Thompson

Ashley Jones

Kameika Murphy

Christina Morus

James Gwathney

Angel Hernandez

Adriane Sicknick


Scott Bittner

Kim McCabe

Yibin Feng


Chrissy Easton


Joan Sylvester-Joseph


Roxana Perez-Nieves



 Financial Resources & Logistics

 Parent and Family Outreach & Engagement

Alumni Outreach & Engagement

Professional Development & Special Programming

Angel (chair)

Jen Radwanski (chair)

Jennifer Kosakowski (co-chair)

Shedia Laguer (chair)

Carole LoBue

Maralyn Mason

Sara Faurot (co-chair)

Angel Hernandez

Dianne Stalling

Vic Conover

Terri Carr

Dedra Williams

Diane Garrison

Adrian Wiggins

Patricia McConville

Terri Carr


Candace Human

Elizabeth Elmore

AmyBeth Glass


Teresa Barone

Sandra Leone