Atlantic City Walking Tours – Fall

Atlantic City, N.J. – The Office of Continuing Studies & Adult Education is scheduled to host more walking tours of four Atlantic City neighborhoods throughout the month of October.

The series allows participants to actively experience Atlantic City's historical landmarks, events, prominent figures and subcultures.

All tours are on Saturdays from noon to 2 p.m. and are led by Atlantic City historian Levi Fox. Registration is $15 per tour/person. Seating is limited, so interested attendees are encouraged to register early to save a spot.

Participants are encouraged to bring their walking shoes, sunscreen and a water bottle, as each tour will cover two to three miles of parks, city streets and the Boardwalk. 

October 5 – Downtown Ocean City

Starting in the heart of Ocean City’s Business District, walkers will see the Historic Ocean City Tabernacle, Marrying House, Scotch Hall, Corson House, Sally Lake House, Piqua and the S. Wesley Lake House, as well as a deep dive into the Fourth Street Life Saving Station.

October 12 – Northside Heritage Tour

Atlantic City’s “Northside” has historically been a predominantly African American neighborhood founded prior to the Great Migration. This “city within a city” was originally a result of racial segregation and featured important businesses, professionals, hotels, nightclubs and schools owned and operated by African Americans. This tour will visit historical landmarks such as Kentucky Avenue, New York Avenue, St. James AME, and the Civil Rights Garden.

October 19 – Louisa Mack/ LGBTQ+

Now known as the “Orange Loop”, in reference to the orange properties on a Monopoly board (Tennessee Ave, St. James Place and New York Ave), this neighborhood was once considered the underground “Gay-borhood” of Atlantic City. Various nightclubs and bars hosted by Louisa Mack made this area a popular spot for the LGBTQ+ community as early as the 1920s. Notable sites will include the AC Civil Rights Garden and Cardinal Restaurant, as well as the former locations of the Brass Rail, Louisa Mack’s Entertainer’s Club in Snake Alley, the Lark Inn and the Professional Arts Building. 

This tour will be held as part of Stockton's University Weekend festivities.

October 26 – History of Gaming

This tour will feature many prominent casino and entertainment establishments in Atlantic City from past to present, primarily in the Midtown Section of the city. Participants will learn about notable people, places, and events that left a mark on the city's landscape. Join us and learn more about the famous, infamous, notable and notorious "History of Gaming" in Atlantic City. Locations will include Bally's, Caesars, Claridge/James' Candy Factory, Resorts, Hard Rock and Pacific Ave.

AC Walking Tours Expand to Surrounding Communities

April 2, 2024 

Aerial of Atlantic City
The summer lineup focuses exclusively on Atlantic City neighborhoods starting on July 5 in Upper Chelsea, followed by Ducktown Revitalization on July 12, the North Inlet and Bungalow Park on July 19 and South Inlet’s “To the Lighthouse” on July 26.

Atlantic City, N.J. — The popular AC Walking Tours are back and bigger than ever in 2024 with new tours and expansion into neighborhoods around Atlantic City.

The spring tours will take place from noon to 2 p.m. on consecutive Saturdays in May. Summer tours will take place from 10 a.m. to noon on consecutive Fridays in July. Fall tours will take place from noon to 2 p.m. on consecutive Saturdays in October. All are sponsored by Stockton University’s Office of Continuing Studies and Adult Education (OCSAE).

“These fun adventures across the greater Atlantic City area provide interactive experiences in a two-hour guided tour,” said OCSAE Assistant Director Diane Strelczyk. “Our tours are designed to highlight the beauty, history and humanity of Atlantic City. Each neighborhood features a rich history and a present-day vibe. Our goal is to showcase all the interesting people, places and events Atlantic City has held, currently features and hopes to achieve.”

The tours are researched, designed and led by historian Levi Fox, an assistant professor of History at Immaculata University and former adjunct professor at Stockton. 

The Ducktown Community Development Corporation, the Chelsea Economic Development Corporation and Lucy the Elephant are co-sponsors of the walking tours.