Rowan College of South Jersey- Stockton Transfer Pathways Program

Rowan College South Jersey

Transfer Pathways Dual Admission Program

Stockton University is pleased to announce Transfer Pathways, an exciting dual admission option in partnership with Rowan College of South Jersey. Students entering this program receive conditional acceptance to Stockton while they work on their associate degree at Rowan College of South Jersey.

This innovative partnership makes higher education more affordable for New Jersey students, by providing a direct, cohesive route to a bachelor’s degree with easy transfer of credits.

Program Eligibility and Benefits

If you applied to Stockton, but were not accepted as a freshman, Transfer Pathways offers the opportunity for conditional acceptance during your freshman and sophomore years at Rowan College of South JerseyIf you are currently enrolled at Rowan College of South Jersey, you can apply for conditional Transfer Pathways acceptance, continue working towards your associate degree at Rowan College of South Jersey, and be assured of acceptance prior to the term in which you are ready to transfer to Stockton.

Program benefits include:​

  • Advising services at both institutions to help ensure a seamless transition to Stockton
  • Housing eligibility in one of Stockton’s residential living locations as early as your first year in the program (for more information, contact:
  • Use of academic, computer, and support services at any of the Rowan College of South Jersey or Stockton campuses
  • Participation in Stockton student clubs and organizations
  • Waiver of all Stockton application fees when you are ready to transfer.

In addition, Stockton will provide $2,000 scholarships annually for up to five Rowan College of South Jersey graduates who enroll at Stockton through this agreement.

While Transfer Pathways is open to all conditionally accepted New Jersey students, those students not living in Gloucester or Cumberland County should be aware that in-county and out-of-county tuition rates may apply.

For more information, please contact:

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