Heather Medina

Title: Director of Admissions
Email: heather.medina@stockton.edu
Phone: 609-652-4261

Hometown: Camden City, NJ

High School: Woodrow Wilson High School

Fun Fact: I've lived in almost every state in the U.S. (and Germany!) because my father was in the military.

Quote: "You must be the change you want to see in the world." - Mahatma Gandhi

Personal motto: "Be amazing because you are amazing." 


  • Passion: Mission trips to third-world countries (I've done 8!)
  • Food: Arroz con pollo & Mofongo
  • Place on campus: On the beach outside the Atlantic City campus

From "Women’s History Month: Heather Medina Serves as Role Model In Stockton’s Admissions Office" by Emily Hamilton for Front Runner New Jersey

For Medina, Stockton’s diversity and willingness to support students attracted her to the educational and career opportunities the university provides.

“As a student, Stockton never made me feel different, but coming from Camden City which is highly minority students, and then coming to a university that is PWI was something I was kind of used to anyway because I moved around so many times on army bases,” said Medina.

From student to director of admissions, Medina has dedicated her work and time to finding ways to make education more accessible and affordable for marginalized families. Medina understands that students want to see faculty, staff, and other students they can relate to in a broader spectrum of ways that aren’t just academic but extend to different cultures as well.

Medina also understands the financial hurdles that come with wanting to continue in higher education after high school, and she has implemented programs to help low-income students achieve this.

In her three years as director of admissions, Medina has implemented the Stockton Promise program that allows students under certain criteria to have their educational costs supported through the university.

“That’s why it’s so special to me in the role that I’m at now because I’m able to implement even larger changes that can really affect the whole landscape of the university,” Medina said.

Link to full article: https://frontrunnernewjersey.com/2023/03/28/womens-history-month-heather-medina-serves-as-role-model-in-stocktons-admissions-office/

Heather Medina