students learning at a tableIn order for an internship to be eligible for academic credit, several individuals must work together: the Student, the Career Center, a Faculty/Staff Preceptor, Academic Advisor, an Internship Program Coordinator, the Site Supervisor, and Faculty. The process, prerequisites, and requirements vary by major and school. Below you will find general guidelines helpful in getting started.

Internship Program Coordinator Responsibilities

The Internship Program Coordinator is responsible for abiding by departmental and University internship policies, guiding students through the learning process, and supervising all assigned coursework, in addition to providing a final grade.

Internship Program Coordinators will be expected to sign off on departmental internship forms before the student can register for the course.

Affiliation Agreement

An affiliation agreement must be signed by the employer or community partner prior to the student’s internship start date. An agreement is typically valid up to three (3) years, however the length of time may vary depending on the particular agreement. Upon expiration, a renewal affiliation agreement must be signed prior to the student’s internship start date. It is suggested to begin the renewal process well in advance; a recommended time is three (3) to six (6) months in advance.

Internship Affiliation Agreement